Ciara Vs Keri Hilson

There have been many rumors that these two long legged R&B beauties have beefed on many different alteracations,the latest being the two got into a verbal dispute backstage at a Power Lives concert.

Ciara made sure to even throw some jabs at Keri Hilson in one of her songs,

“See I was out buying Chanel bags, while I was doing that you turned up your swag (you got me)/ Yup, caught me slippin’, but get your hustle on shawty I ain’t trippin’/I let ya in the game free / shawty whole album sound just like me/ Say you weren’t talkin’ bout me, but I know that you was talkin’ bout me!”

Winner: Ciara

If they actually went all out in a brawl, we have a feeling Ciara’s hard body just isn’t for show.

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