Lyfe Jennings Vs Raheem Devaughn 

Lyfe Jennings hit the 103 Jamz studio in Norfolk, VA and called out Raheem Devaughn for supposedly mentioning his name.

The DJ informed Lyfe that DeVaughn was in town, so Lyfe told DeVaughn to call up to the station so he could see what was up. Literally 10 minutes after Lyfe left the studio, Raheem Devaughn shows up with his entourage of about 6 guys at the station looking for Lyfe.

At first, DeVaughn was hesitant about doing an interviews because he wanted to “talk” to Lyfe face to face; however, he sat down and talked about the beef and how he reached out to Lyfe and wants to talk man to man.

Winner: Lyfe Jennings

With that track record, we know Lyfe is bout that life!

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