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50 Cent

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Now that election season is over faithful Trumpian and alleged Russian agent Roger Stone seems like he’s done taking aim at Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and is now focusing his attention on a non-political figure, 50 Cent.


Recently the self-proclaimed “Dirty Trickster” of the political game decided to ruffle some Hip-Hop feathers and took to social media to call out Fiddy for pocketing $150 million for the story to Big Meech’s life and paying Meech peanuts. In the short video, Stone says he has a “beef” with 50 for how he went about closing the deal with Starz and called for Big Meech to get sprung from prison ASAP.

“You’re crowing about Big Meech getting a lousy three years knocked off his sentence? The fact is his co-conspirators, his brother and another man who has the exact same sentence have already been sprung. You ripped Big Meech off. You got $150 million from STARZ to make a movie about his life and you paid him shit for his life rights. You’re full of shit. Free Big Meech, now.”

What in all the f*cks?!

Why is Roger Stone all of a sudden interested in Big Meech’s freedom? Shouldn’t he have had his Russian comrade, Donald Trump pardon him a few years back if he really cared about the street legend from The A? What’s his angle? Is Roger Stone looking for street cred? Protection? Is he trying to recruit Big Meech and the BMF to participate in the next insurrection? How do the Proud Boys (white nationalists) feel about their man Roger Stone supporting a Black man like this? So many questions.

Naturally, the video didn’t sit well with 50 who clapped back in a now-deleted post of the video where he wrote in the caption, “People just looking for attention, clout chasing c*ck suckers come in all different colors shapes and sizes these days. BMF COMING SOON Green Light Gang.”

Starz has already begun production on the story of Big Meech and his infamous Black Mafia Family with 50 Cent serving as executive producer though no release date for the show has been set. Big Meech meanwhile was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison, but after a judge shaved three years off his bid, Meech is now set to be released in 2028.