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Black Student Says He Was Chained to Locker, Taunted with Noose

What might be constituted as a hate crime at Santa Monica High School is now turning into a cover up by the school’s administration.

Members of the Santa Monica High School wrestling team placed a brown practice mannequin with a noose around its neck in the locker room when a Black student on the team walked in.

The sophomore says two students held him in a bear hug as he tried to change and then chained his pants to a locker and began to make racist remarks including the word “slave,” according to the report.

To make the incident worse, Victoria Gray, the mother of the victim, was not notified by the school or her son and she found out from another parent a month after the crime occurred.

The students involved have been suspended but may face assault and battery charges. The victim didn’t want to alarm his mother or get his teammates in trouble and apparently Santa Monica High School didn’t want any bad press either.

There are reports that school officials urged students to delete any photos of the incident that they had in their phones in order to protect the school.

If that is true, the school may also face charges with tampering with an investigation.

Are you still surprised by racism?

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