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Couple Claims They Found Dead Rat In Bagged Salad

A Michigan couple got an unpleasant surprise when the sat down for dinner on Sunday.

According to reports, John K. Jones found a dead mouse buried in his salad.

“I moved a couple of leaves and there was a mouse, a dead mouse laying on its back, and you could see the guts hanging out. I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom,” Jones claims.

“I was shocked, he ran to the bathroom and was throwing up,” Jones’ girlfriend Ebony Wright added. “I said are you sick or something and he said you are not going to believe what’s on that plate.”

The couple, along with Wright’s 7-year-old son had already eaten some of the Dole salad mix, which they purchased from a Kroger grocery store, and rushed to the hospital.

“I know these things carry bacteria and didn’t want my son to be sick,” Wright said.

The couple contacted Dole, as well as Kroger, and both companies offered to refund the couple the price of the bag of salad.

Jones and Wright have yet to contact a lawyer, but Kroger and Dole better come with a better offer than that or the couple almost has no choice but to get an attorney on line one.

A video report of the news story is posted below:

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