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A social media chat between rappers Lil Yachty and the controversial Bhad Bhabie got very heated as they discussed the concept of cultural appropriation.

The 18-year old personality and recent addition on OnlyFans got on Instagram Live with Yachty on Wednesday (July 21) to vehemently dismiss claims that she’s a racist.

“The one thing I’m really, really sick of is the whole ‘Bhad Bhabie is a cultural appropriator,’” she told Yachty. “No. Y’all make these words have different terms to what they even mean. Cultural appropriation is if I was to sit up and say, ‘Oh, a certain race looks ugly with that.’ And then I go do that on myself.”

Lil Yachty seemed highly confused, asking her, “Bro, what the f**k is you talking about?” That made his business partner and collaborator on the “Gucci Flip Flops” track incensed.

“If I wanna be Black, then why am I racist?” Bhabie responded. “Make it make sense. That’s really what I get pissed about.” Yachty tried to get her to take it down a notch, replying, “You think if you yell at a screen, people gon’ be like, ‘Oh, she’s not racist?'”

Bhad Bhabie has been saddled with accusations of cultural appropriation since her infamous appearance on the Dr. Phil talk show in 2016. Last April, she was on another Instagram Live comparing her life to that of Tarzan and defending her use of darker makeup by questioning Lil Kim’s appearance. Seeming to reference those incidents, Bhabie continued to yell at Yachty, stating, “There’s proof out there that what I said was not that. And what I do is not for that reason.”

“You understand right now in a room it’s you yelling at a phone screen?” Yachty responded, before deciding to end the livestream. Check out the entire conversation below.

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