French Montana

French Montana wants to remind us that he can actually rap and doesn't need features.

After going down with a significant knee injury back in October, Drake is back on his feet and enjoying a Turks & Caicos vacation with French Montanas in the middle of a pandemic.

Jim Jones and French Montana are finally friends after the two spoke regarding their 15-year span of unsettled differences.

Beefing about money and “used Bugattis” is one thing, leaking the most shocking moment of Power, and trying as a way to get at 50 Cent is another. That’s exactly what French Montana did, and he is learning that was a big mistake.

To many people’s surprise, French Montana has enough petty in him to feed a small village of gossipers. He has responded back to 50 Cent and has left him with some questions to answer.

French Montana is celebrating life in the biggest the way his bank account is allowing him to do so. He just spent mansion money on a luxury automobile.

After bringing in his birthday in a big way French Montana is counting his every breath. He reportedly had a serious health scare this week.

French Montana has officially kicked off his 2-year Las Vegas residency with Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub. Having also secured a residency in Dubai, Montana says he’s looking forward to the opportunity.

No comment or saying you stand with the victims of R.Kelly’s behavior would have saved French Montana from all the slander coming his way. The “No Stylist” rapper, when asked about his thoughts on R. Kelly seemingly, gave him his support before walking it back.

Is running up in a rapper’s crib with the guns out the new criminal wave? French Montana found himself the victim of a home invasion while in his Calabasas digs. 

The mother of Waka Flocka, Debra Antney, has managed the early careers of several Hip-Hop stars and won a judgment against former client French Montana last year in Georgia. In a new filing, the Bad Boy rapper faced a new judgment and will have to pay Anteyjust over $2 million.

Puerto Rico is still in need of assistance and the Rap community continues to step up. A concert has been organized to benefit the torn island.