Several parents whose children played basketball for the Donda Doves note that even before the closure, academics was lacking.

Multiple fans have launched GoFundMe campaigns to restore Kanye West's billionaire status after he was dropped by adidas.

Kanye West will have to suffer more ramifications due to his behavior. Apple Music has pulled all his tracks from their curated playlists. 

Kanye's spiral out of control continues, but thankfully it is not affecting the kids; Donda Academy is not closing for the school year. 

Antonio Brown of Donda Sports took to social media to defend Ye formerly known as Ye in lieu of his anti-Black and antisemitic rhetoric.

For many people, it might have been the straw that broke the sunken place camel’s back when Kanye West said that—based on an anti-Black Lives Matter documentary produced by edgeless queen MAGA mammy Candace Owens—he believes George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose rather than a cop’s knee being placed on his neck for more […]


Kanye West is continuing to spiral and unfortunately, mostly for him, the Internet is keeping all the receipts. After getting silenced on his favorite social media platform of choice, Instagram, Ye returned to Twitter, and on Saturday evening (Oct. 9), he revealed plans to come for Jewish people.