Rapper, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle’s life and legacy will be celebrated at the upcoming 2019 BET Awards. The network announced they will be honoring the rapper with a posthumous Humanitarian Award.

Another one of Nipsey Hussle’s dreams is set to come true. Nick Cannon is seeing to it that his film idea will still enlighten the masses.

Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will live on through Lauren London forever. She now has an exquisite piece to keep his memory close to heart.

It looks like Nipsey Hussle’s famous flagship store The Marathon Clothing will be closing it’s doors for an unspecified amount of time.

While the masses still grieve for Nipsey Hussle some good news has come from this tragedy. The gentleman who was also hit in the shooting has been given his freedom back.

Even though Justin Bieber is far removed from the Rap scene he still has compassion for human life. For this reason he spoke against a very bigoted anchorwoman

Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham is getting a well-deserved dragging for her backhanded comments she made towards Nipsey Hussle over the weekend.

The tragic story of Nipsey Hussle’s murder gets harder to digest by the day. A friend of the late rapper has just been booked for his street connections.

The death of Nipsey Hussle has impacted many, even those that didn’t really know him at all. Case in point with Reggie Bush, the retired NFL athlete, felt the need to start a GoFundMe page to help the late rappers two children—but Nip’s business partner Karen Civil quickly shut that down.

It’s been roughly two weeks since the world lost rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle born Ermias Joseph Asghedom and we are still trying to process what happened. Today (Apr 11) the family, friends, fans gathered at the Staples Center and on the internet to say goodbye to late rapper.


Even though it’s been weeks since Nipsey Hussle was senselessly murdered on the streets he grew up on and tried to rebuild, for most of his fans it’s still hard to digest the reality that he’s no longer with us. And though we continue to come to grips with his passing today Nipsey Hussle fans […]

The aftermath following the untimely murder of Nipsey Hussle continues to get even more complicated. Chris Darden’s daughter has now spoken up regarding her father’s recent announcement.