rush limbaugh

On Saturday, September 26, a poll went online on Facebook asking users “Should Obama be killed?”   The users were given 4 choices: Yes. Maybe.  If he cuts my health care.  And no. The poll was part of an application which allowed an individual Facebook user to create it. Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt quickly pointed out […]

Glenn Beck has been a lightning rod, shining bright and on fire for all of the wrong reasons. The Fox personality and right-wing demigod has been on the far right side of political conversations. His stance has garnered him a highly devoted following at the cost of advertisers and a myriad of financial backers. Known […]

Belleville, Illinois a town with a sordid history of racial tension including cross-burning and racial discrimination by police and hiring businesses. During his commentary on an incident that took place on a Belleville school bus, Limbaugh made a few statements that leave room for question. The incident took place Tuesday when a group of black […]

Fallacious right-wing rumors declaring that President Obama is an enemy to the Constitutionally protected right for American’s to bear arms is pushing one Butler, Missouri car salesman to offer his customers an unreal purchase incentive. Mark Muller, a purveyor of fine American made automobiles, is seeking to get rid of the gas-guzzling items in his […]

Adding to an ever growing reputation of “Uncle Tom-ness,” Michael Steele managed to inject more racism into an event that was already heavily influenced by its presence. Appearing at the Young Republican convention, the same event that saw the less than subtle racist Audra Shay be elected to the groups’ presidency, the chairman of the […]

A political “Clash of the Titans” is being waged within the Republican party; battles are being fought that place members of the Grand Old Party against none other than themselves in fights centered around a myriad of topics. So-called “Rush Limbaugh” Republicans are waging war against their common sense-minded colleagues, dubbed “Colin Powell” Republicans, often […]