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Nintendo fans here is some good news for you, the brand will be releasing the SNES-themed 3DS XL stateside this year.

Already one of the leaders when it comes to introducing the world to VR, with the announcement of the new Samsung 360 Round they are taking things to another level.

Got a young video game lover in your family? Don’t want to spend $60 on a new controller?

Google is looking to make their presence felt in the smartphone market with the Pixel 2 and based on the latest reviews for it they most certainly will.

Damn now we can’t even trust wi-fi anymore? Asking for the wi-fi password maybe dangerous even more so if you are an Android or Linux user since a protocol that governs all modern wi-fi routers has been found to have a major vulnerability.

Just in time in for the upcoming weekend, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s Retribution DLC is now available.

The NBA 2017-18 season is shaping up to be one for the ages. Thanks to huge trades, the storylines this season are off the chains and now you can experience them with NBA VR.

Remember the Tamagotchi? We are sure a lot of you don’t but for those who do remember the electronic pet you walked around with and took care of, it is coming back.

Google unveiled what might be the iPhone killer with the Pixel 2.

Looks like Samsung Galaxy phone owners will have a new argument to hold over the head of iPhone loyalists. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is poised to make $110 dollars for every iPhone X that Apple sells.

Not to be left out of the retro mini craze, Retro Games Limited announced today they are launching their own plug and play retro system the C64 Mini.

If you are thinking about getting an iPhone X, you might want to focus your attention on the iPhone 8.