Floyd Mayweather

If you see Floyd Mayweather in public make sure your man hands do not have decorations. The sports legend recently denied a man with painted finger nails a selfie.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is coming out of retirement yet again. This time he will face a YouTube star whose name is in high demand.

While Floyd Mayweather has not been in the ring since 2017 it seems a big bag may calling him back. Rumor has it he has on offer on the table to fight a MMA star.

Even though we are not able to bring our brothers and sisters back the community continues to rally behind their legacies. One of the greatest living athletes is stepping as he should.

The SEC is cracking down on cryptocurrency, and the celebs who promote it and the first victims are DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The beef with between “best friends” Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent is definitely far from over. The retired Featherweight champion managed to get in a decent jab at the rapper in an upcoming episode of Complex X Fuse when asked about their relationship.

Floyd Mayweather has done everything one can in his known sport of boxing, and now he has his sights aimed at entering the world of mixed martial arts. After teasing footage of him training for the octagon, the legendary pugilist confirmed he’s serious about entering the sport and even taking on Conor McGregor if the […]

Floyd Mayweather won some new luxury car money off winning big on three different bets.

A few days ago when pics of T.I.’s wife Tiny posing with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party surfaced, she tried to brush it off by saying she only posed for the group shot and kept it moving. But the streets are always a-watchin’ and now a video has surfaced of Tiny actually taking the […]

Floyd Mayweather must have misread the memo about Mariah Carey’s Halloween bash.

In his latest display of “wokeness” T.I. spoke directly to Floyd Mayweather after the champ uttered “all lives matter” in an interview.

Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather just took a swing and missed in a new interview where The Money Team leader shouted out #AllLivesMatter and offered his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick.