Julia Fox, the woman who dated Kanye West for like three weeks and, I guess, is an actress or something, appears to be wishing she never opened her mouth to speak on the hot-but-persistent mess that is Ye’s saga with his ex, Kim Kardashian, and her new boo Pete Davidson.


Have no fear, a white woman will explain Kanye West's behavior for everybody. According to Ye's latest ex, Julia Fox, the guy is harmless and Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have nothing to worry about.

It seems like JuliYe is very much official now. Kanye West gifted Julia Fox several Birkin bags for her 32nd birthday.

Things are picking up quickly between Kanye West and his alleged new girlfriend, Uncut Gems star Julia Fox.


Before having dinner with Fox in Miami, Kanye was spotted partying it up with IG Model, Yazmin Lopez, though their peoples say it wasn't a date and they just happened to be at the same party at the same time.