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Twitter Is In Stitches After 21 Savage Clowns YK Osiris' Custom Gucci Suit

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Can we get 21 Savage, his own show where he plays the fashion police?

21 Savage had Twitter in stitches Thursday night (Jan.7) after he decided to give his opinion on YK Osiris’ custom Gucci fit. Hip-Hop and R&B artists are definitely trendsetters, but they also can be very tacky when it comes to rocking designer clothing.

Case in point, the singer decided to take to Instagram to show off his head-to-toe custom Gucci outfit made by custom designer Exclusive Game. In the video, YK Osiris can be walking down a hallway claiming he was the “new king of R&B.” Immediately, Meek Mill, Lil Yachty, Yella Beezy, A$AP Ferg, and 21 Savage clowned the Osiris’ Gucci suit. The singer didn’t appreciate the jokes and critics about his fit and, in a separate video, called them “stupid.”

“Made by Exclusive Game. Y’all know my boy,” he confidently screamed. “Customized jacket. Y’all n***as be talking all that bullcrap. Gucci! Stupid little boy.”

21 wasn’t done going SAVAGE on YK Osiris’ Gucci threads either. The two artists decided to hop on Instagram Live and the “A Lot” rapper went in asking Osiris, “Why?! What was you thinkin’?!” then hilariously adding, “You look like a suitcase, bruh.”

Oh, 21  didn’t stop there,  “You got a red lipstick leather jacket on wit’ a Gucci purse cut up all over the—bruh, you coulda let yo mama get the purse,” he continued. “Just give the purse to yo mama. Didn’t have to put it on yo jacket.” Osiris couldn’t do anything but laugh as 21 Savage read his Gucci suit for filth.

Twitter enjoyed every minute of it, and now we want a show just featuring 21 Savage clowning rappers and singers atrocious fits. You can peep all of the reactions to 21 Savage going in on YK Osiris in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

1. LOL

2. He told no lies to the man.

3. He damn sure did.

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