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Cannabis fans, it’s time to celebrate as 420 (or 4:20 or 4/20) is here this weekend and we’ve got a gift guide that should come in handy. Depending on where you are, you can snag yourself one of the offerings below to get your mind and the vibes right.

As I say every time I put together one of these roundups, I’m a proud cannabis user but I tend to focus on function versus feeling good. There is nothing wrong with being stoned but I’ve got way too much to do so I’m the kind of person that prefers small doses, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t indulged on a higher level. No pun intended.

In this guide, I’ve added some brands you may have seen before in my coverage along with others that are new to me. What I’m enjoying as cannabis usage is more widely accepted is the range of innovation and products available to the market. When I was a much younger man, it was just flower and whatever cheap delivery method you could find.

These days, edibles, carts, e-rigs, infused beverages, and more are dominating the space and the world is better for it. Hopefully, you’ll see a product below that will be your new favorite. We do want to urge that these products are made for individuals who are at least 21 years of age and please use them responsibly.

Let’s have a safe 420 weekend!

P.S. Be sure to check with your local dispensary for availability. Many of these products are available nationally while others may vary from state to state. Have a good one!

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1. 22Red

22Red Source:22Red

22 Red comes from the mind of musician Shavo Odadjian and covers all your cannabis delivery methods via flower, prerolls, vapes, and more. There is also a merch line and other goodies. Only available in Arizona and Nevada for now.

Learn more here.

2. A Golden State

A Golden State Source:A Golden State

We’ve featured A Golden State in previous cannabis roundups and I’ve had the good fortune of visiting a recreational dispensary that carries their product. From flower to vapes, A Golden State’s commitment to quality is clear. Only available in California,

Learn more here.

3. Alien Labs

Alien Labs Source:Alien Labs

Founded in 2014 by Ted Lidie, Alien Labs is a brand that leans into a bit of skater and pop culture, but not in the corny way that some do it. With expertly curated strains delivered via edibles, flower, and vapes, live resin, Alien Labs has everything you need to take off to the stars.

Learn more here.

4. American Weed Co. AKA AmWeCo.

American Weed Co. AKA AmWeCo. Source:AmWeCo.

American Weed Co. (stylized) as  AmWeCo., is a brand that wants to provide legal high-quality cannabis to veterans and the stigma of cannabis use among those who put their lives on the line for the country. AmWeCo. is rolling out its new diamond-infused ICED FIRE strain with 10 percent of proceeds that will go to support initiatives such as Stop Soldier Suicide and Responder Strong. 

Learn more here.

5. Betty’s Eddies

Betty's Eddies Source:Betty's Eddies

I may have said this before but Betty’s Eddies are the best tasting edibles I’ve ever had. The fruit chews come in a variety of flavors and functions, and have I mentioned how good they are? The brand is also celebrating 10 years of existence so salute to them! Only available in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts & Puerto Rico.

Learn more here.

6. Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 Source:Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan specializes in accessories to aid one in their cannabis enjoyment. This includes rolling papers, trays, a very dope backpack that comes complete with a rolling tray, dabbing tools, and more. We’re big fans of the Blazy Susan over here.

Learn more here.

7. Breez

Breez Source:Breez

Breez is a brand new to our roundup but we like what we’re seeing. Specializing in infused mints, tinctures, flower, prerolls, and beverages, Breez aims to take the fuss out of choosing your preferred path whether you’re ready to turn up or turn down. Available in California and Illinois.

Learn more here.

8. Cantrip

Cantrip Source:Cantrip

Many moons ago, I attended the Cannabis Cup in the Bay Area and I was rather new in my journey. I was blown away by the variety of infused beverages. Cantrip adds to that growing category with infused seltzers, sodas, and energy drinks.

Learn more here.

9. Connected

Connected Source:Connected

Founded in 2009 by Caleb Counts in California, Connected remains committed to providing quality cannabis options to its customers and stellar collaborations with the likes of Lost Farm. Prerolls, flower jars, and vapes make up the bulk of their inventory and there is plenty of heat to choose from. Check out their new 1G live resin all-in-one vapes too.

Learn more here.

10. Cookies

Cookies Source:@MarblesKennedy

Cookies is a leading brand in cannabis culture and comes from the mind of Berner. From flower, CBD, merch, teas, and more, there is a reason why it’s become a go-to brand for consumers. The quality is unmatched and it’s widely available. Don’t sleep.

Learn more here.

11. Countdown Energy

Countdown Energy Source:Countdown

The concept of a THC-infused energy drink makes all the sense in the world and we’re glad Countdown Energy is here to provide options in that particular space. If you’re wondering about the taste, we’re happy to report that the effects and tastes are worth your while.

Learn more here.

12. CQ

CQ Source:CQ

Some readers may be aware that I cover adult beverages too and sometimes, I want to sip something but don’t always want booze. A brand like CQ would be perfect for those who want to sip their cannabis. I also appreciate they have both a high and low dose offering. The high-dose option is only available in select states so check the website.

Learn more here.

13. Dip Devices

Dip Devices X Aster Source:Dip Devices

Dip Devices offers affordable dab pens, dab straws, and their latest device, a dry herb vaporizer known as the Aster. With an approachable price and tons of function, the Aster should get notice from those who like to take their flower on the go.

Learn more here.

14. Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Source:Dr. Dabber

I want to give a strong salute to a titan of the cannabis community, the late Rico “Phone Homie” Valderrama, who was the first person to teach me about dabbing. Dr. Dabber is a dab head’s paradise with some awesome devices and bundles. Check out their Switch, Boost Evo, and XS (Khalifa Kush Limited Edition) devices. Available worldwide.

Learn more here.



I appreciate companies that understand the science of cannabis and how it can apply to our lives beyond getting lifted. FLORA+BAST epitomizes that with functional gummies, oils for intimacy, sleeping aids, and more. Cannabis and overall wellness go together seamlessly via this brand.

Learn more here.

16. Frozen Fields

Frozen Fields Source:Frozen Fields

I’m still learning all the various ways cannabis and hemp-derived products are developed and Frozen Fields has my curiosity piqued. The North Carolina company specializes in THCa and Delta-8 THC products, including its newest innovation, Formula-X.

Learn more here.

17. Gelato Canna Co.

Gelato Canna Co. Source:Gelato Canna Co.

Gelato Canna Co. has a product I’ve yet to see on the market in its infused mini sugar cones. They also have a clever product known as Cookie Crumbs, which is loose shake and buds from the bottom of the bag. Available in California and Michigan.

Learn more here.

18. G Pen

G Pen Source:G Pen

We’ve been rocking with G Pen for years and we can’t say enough good things about its Dash+ device, a fantastic dry herb vaporizer. But that’s not all they have. The brand also has collaborations with Mike Tyson, B-Real’s Dr. Greenthumbs, and The Grateful Dead among others.

Learn more here.

19. Insa

Insa Source:Insa

Insa was founded by longtime friends  Pat Gottschlicht and Pete Gallagher to deliver a product that they felt would cover most cannabis bases. Founded in their home state of Massachusetts, the brand can also be purchased in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Connecticut will soon be seeing their products as well.

Learn more here.

20. Joyibles

Joyibles Source:Joyibles

Joyibles was founded by Amy and Dave Nudelman, who developed their first product, Joygum, in Colorado, bringing it to market in 2018 after a decade of development. Now with a wider variety of edible offerings, the products can be purchased from dispensaries in Colorado, Massachusetts, and New Mexico. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this brand nationwide.

Learn more here.

21. Koi

Koi Source:Koi

Koi specializes in a little bit of everything: THC, mushrooms, and CBD. The brand just rolled out a new diamond-infused THCa preroll that we’re really interested in checking out.

Learn more here.

22. Lavinia

Lavinia Source:Lavinia

One of the segments of the cannabis world we’re happy to see develop is in the world of physical pleasure. Lavinia, a silicone-based lubricant, is designed to enhance sexy time in several ways if you can pick up what we’re putting down.

Learn more here.

23. Moods by Fluent

Moods by Fluent Source:Moods by Fluent

Moods, a brand that I believe is strictly developed by Fluent, offers several products under the brand name. What we like is the company’s Mini All-In-One, a super compact and discreet device for vapers who want a quick hit without all the attention of pulling out a joint or larger device. Only available in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Learn more here.

24. Muha Meds

Muha Meds Source:Muha Meds

Muha Meds specializes in high-potency infused prerolls, vape cartridges, gummies, and concentrates. What I thought was dope was the brand’s verification system because you need to know what you’re ingesting out here. Only available in California and Michigan.

Learn more here.

25. Nature’s Heritage

Nature's Heritage Source:Nature's Heritage

Nature’s Heritage is a brand I’ve featured previously and I’ve also personally tried out. They were also the first brand I’ve encountered with infused prerolls and that was a revelation. Nature’s Heritage also has flower jars, vapes, concentrate, and RSO. Only available in Maryland and Massachusetts.

Learn more here.

26. Natural Natural

Natural Natural Source:Natural Natural

Natural Natural focuses primarily on THCv strains, which are like sativa strains without the potential for being buzzed. I’ve used THCv products in the past to help with my ADHD and I feel confident in saying it works. The brand provides products for several states and put an emphasis on their cleverly named Joyride and Get Sh*t Done string designed for those who want to remain active and present.

Learn more here.

27. O.Pen

O.Pen Sesh Source:O.Pen

O.Pen is a brand I’ve featured before and I can’t say enough good things about the brand’s Sesh device. I haven’t come across anything quite like Sesh and I’m curious to find out more about O.Pen’s offerings as the years roll on. Seriously, if you’re looking for a great conversation starter and fun way to deliver your cannabis, check out the Sesh.

Learn more here.



Phases bills itself as a brand that has a cannabis strain for every mood. Flower seems to be the main focus for Phases and they have sativa, hybrid, and indica strains for all that good vibe assistance.

Learn more here.

29. Pot-Pourri

Pot-Pourri Source:Pourri

Pourri is a brand I’m familiar with due to its popular Poo and Pet-Pourri odor eliminators. Pot-Pourri should be pretty self-explanatory and I just put it to the test this week. Works as advertised.

Learn more here.

30. Puffco

Puffco Peak Pro Source:Puffco

Puffco is without doubt designed for those who desire a little punch from their products. I’ve used the band’s Peak Pro, one of the fancier dab rigs you’ll see on the market. I’ve also used the brand’s classy Proxy pipe, for the times I want to look like a detective contemplating a case. Very cool stuff.

Learn more here.

31. Puff Herbals

Puff Herbals Source:Puff Herbals

During the moments when I wanted to take a break from smoking THC flower, I would visit a local herb shop for smokable herbs like skullcap, mullein, and the like. Puff Herbals is in that same wheelhouse and I’m curious to know how they play out. When I do, I shall report back.

Learn more here.

32. Ripple

Ripple Source:Ripple

The story of how Ripple was created is so awesome and it makes me miss my grandparents because I’m pretty sure my sweet Nana would’ve tried a brownie. Ripple specializes in THC-boosted powders that can be added to a variety of foods and drinks along with gummies.

Learn more here.

33. Snugbox

Snugbox Source:Snugbox

If you ever wondered where to store your stash from wandering eyes, look no further than Snugbox. Stylish, childproof, and efficient, there is a design for you. They also have new Stash Bags too. Check them out.

Learn more here.

34. Stone Road

Stone Road Source:Stone Road

Stone Road hails from Nevada City, Calif., and emphasizes growing flower that honors nature and the gift of the plant. While not widely available, I’ve tried the product on one of my trips and it’s official. Don’t miss out. Also, do visit the website because it’s worth it.

Learn more here.

35. Stündenglass

Stündenglass Source:Stündenglass

Those of us of a certain age are familiar with the gravity bong concept. Stündenglass takes that idea and flips it on its head in a good way. This is like the top-of-the-line EV of gravity bongs.

Learn more here.

36. THC Design

THC Design Source:THC Design
THC Design proudly grows over 75 strains in sativa, hybrid, and indica expressions, and their product can be found in medical and recreational dispensaries across California. The brand also has prerolls for those who want to get right to the business of things.
Learn more here.

37. Vessel

Vessel Source:Vessel

Vessel is definitely the brand to go for if you want to elevate your cannabis experience. With dry herb and vaping options, along with a fly grinder, there is something for everyone. The brand has a new Sage bundle that we think should get your attention and for every sale, $1 will go towards The Last Prisoner Project in support of those who are facing legal issues in connection to cannabis.

Learn more here.

38. Vibations

Vibations Source:This image was given to us by the agency repping the brand in support of the story and does not need to be deleted.

I always wondered if sports drinks and cannabis could go together and Vibations answers that question. Rip open one of the packs, add it to water, and get your hydration, a boost of energy from caffeine, and the feel-good mode of the THC. There is also a new caffeine-free option that employs THCv. 

Learn more here.

39. WYNK


WYNK was my first exposure to THC-infused seltzers and the 1:1 (THC and CBD) ratio employs the “Entourage Effect” to great and tasty effect. Very crushable and a good break from the traditional hard seltzers. 

Learn more here

40. Xiaolin

Xiaolin Source:Xiaolin

Xiaolin was founded in Colorado by Staten Island native, Chris Louie. These infused prerolls come in a variety of sizes and potency, and the design honors Louie’s home borough of New York and a certain Hip-Hop collective. 

Learn more here.

41. Yew Yew

Yew Yew Source:Yew Yew

Yew Yew specializes in accessories such as bongs, pipes, and much more. In the image, we’re showing the brand’s Cloud Case for the flower users who want to store their goods securely.

Learn more here.

42. Zig-Zag

Zig-Zag Source:Zig-Zag

Zig-Zag is a familiar name to those who like to roll up and the brand’s organic hemp papers add to the legacy they’ve been honing for over 140 years and counting.

Learn more here.