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Twitter Drags Akbar V After She Disrespects Alexis Skyy's Daughter

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Akbar V has the internet talking, and it has nothing to do with her music.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta b-cast member was the topic of social media commentary after a video featuring herself and Alexis Skyy scrapping hit timelines. There was even another video of the self-proclaimed “Queen of Atlanta” visibly spitting at Alexis Skyy.

Following the incident, Akbar V took her socials to share her two cents on the altercation, and this is where things got out of hand. In her incredibly disrespectful video, while getting at Alexis Skyy, Akbar V brought up Skyy’s daughter, a special needs child.

“You got a braindead baby. Your baby ain’t got a f***ing brain, b*tch you got a retarded child, and you mentioning my children,” the rapper said with no shame at all. “This is no disrespect to Lai Lai, but you got a retarded kid, a special needs kid, and you out here talking about somebody’s children.”

During her rant, Akbar V even insinuated that Skyy was using drugs during her pregnancy, which led to her daughter’s mental issues: “while you was pregnant, you was in Miami on a boat snorting powder.”

As you can imagine, Twitter didn’t care for Akbar V’s outrageous comments and reminded her she isn’t the mother of the year, also pointing out the fact she doesn’t have custody of her children.

This is definitely a situation that could play out when Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta returns because you know Mona doesn’t like to waste drama-filled moments.

Since the drama unfolded, Akbar V has made all of her social media accounts private and understandably so because she is getting cooked on Twitter and Instagram and deservingly so.

You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty


Salute to her. 




Lol, so Love & Hip Hop.






The gag is she does, nobody cares 


Ain’t no way Mona missed this moment.


We feel you, sis. 


Very weird.