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New York Comic Con is finally here, and the new trailers are rolling in. 

While the cosplay, collectibles, panels and even comic books are all good, the trailers for the new flicks in the coming months and next year are what many are anticipating.

We’ll be upping the new previews here as they are premiered. We’re here for all the brutal fades (see: Daredevil Season 3) and action.

Wait on the one for the Glass, it’s looking quite proper.

1. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Spock is rocking a beard. It’s lit.

2. Deadly Class

A school for assassins. Where do we sign up?

3. Good Omens

The end of the world, already? Starring David Tennant (‘Doctor Who’) it’s a Prime Original.

4. Aquaman Extended Trailer

Arthur Curry is in your theater Dec. 21.

5. American Gods Season 2

Season 2 doesn’t return to Starz until 2019. They’re taking their sweet time…

6. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Adora, the Princess of Power, is out here. Streaming November 16 on Netflix.

7. DC’s Titans

Premieres October 19 on DC Universe.

8. Daredevil Season 3

Kingpin back. Debuts October 19 on Netflix, obviously

9. Mortal Engines

Color us intrigued.

10. The Magicians

Season 4? We need to catch up.

11. Nightflyers

Hey George R.R. Martin, how about you finish Game of Thrones? Thanks.