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Gamers Are Clowning Amazon's Luna Cloud Gaming Service Luna On Twitter

Source: Amazon / Amazon Luna

Here comes a new challenger into the gaming world, Amazon. But it’s not getting the welcoming reception Amazon hoped it would.

In a stunning move on Thursday (Sept.24), Amazon unveiled its new cloud gaming streaming service called Luna. The service will allow subscribers to stream games to PC, Mac, and Fire TV devices, and there will be web apps available for the iPhone and iPad. Android’s app will come later down the line.

If Luna sounds familiar, you’re not bugging. It’s basically the same thing as Google’s Stadia gaming streaming service. There is a difference, though, Luna will allow users to subscribe to various “game channels.” When it launches, the Luna+ channel will be available. It will let subscribers play games like Resident Evil 7, Control, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair for just $5.99 as an introductory price. Amazon boasts that Luna+ will run “select titles” at 4K resolution at 60fps and allow users to play on two devices simultaneously.

Amazon also announced there will be a Ubisoft channel that will also support 4K resolution and mobile gaming. Amazon describes the channel as “the first of multiple Luna game channels in development, where customers can play games from their favorite publishers and genres.” No price was revealed for the channel.

Luna will also have integration of the Amazon streaming service Twitch and revealed that “players will see Twitch streams for games in the service, and from Twitch, they’ll be able to instantly start playing Luna games.”

Amazon also announced that a $49.99 Alexa-powered controller will be available during an early access period and will connect directly to Fire TV devices to reduce latency the controller and game. If you’re into playing with a mouse and keyboard, you can use that also or any other Bluetooth game controllers.

If you’re interested in getting the service, you can sign up for early access right now, but there is no timetable as to when it will launch.

While all of this does sound very intriguing, gamers on Twitter clowned the service anyway, immediately pegging it as a Stadia knockoff, suggesting it will flop like Google’s service.

Ouch, not. Stadia rip off sheesh.

You can peep the rest of the reactions to the announcement of Luna in the gallery below.

Photo: Amazon / Amazon Luna

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