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iPhone 14 Models Unveiled By Apple, Twitter Reacts To The News

Source: Apple / iPhone 14

As expected, Apple followed up Samsung’s event with its usual September event to introduce to the world and devoted followers to its new lineup of iPhone 14 flagship smartphones. The company that jobs built also announced two new Apple Watch models and the new AirPods Pro.

iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus

If your current iPhone is glitching, that only means new models are on the way. Today during its latest “Far Out” event, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models. If you already own an iPhone 13, this new model isn’t going to blow you away at all with its features.

Coming in at $799, it runs on the same A15 system-on-chip from the previous model, but thanks to a 5-core GPU, Apple has managed to improve the iPhone 14’s performance. The camera system on iPhone 14 gets a slight bump because of its bigger sensor for better night photography, but it remains a 12-megapixel.

Apple iPhone 14

Source: Apple / iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Plus is a poor man’s version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which we will touch on in a few. It’s a slightly bigger version of the iPhone 14 with a 6.7-inch screen and larger battery, but the features are just about the same. Both phones have Apple’s new Crash Detection and Emergency SOS technology and come in midnight, blue, starlight, purple, and (PRODUCT)RED finishes.

The sim card tray will also be removed on US models of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 14

Source: Apple / iPhone 14 Pro

Of course, there would be a Pro and Pro Max model. What stands out is the fact that both models this year cost $999 and $1,099, killing the rumor that Apple was planning on raising the price by $100. That’s also pretty impressive due to the 14 Pro and Pro Max sporting Apple’s 4-nanometer A16 Bionic chipset and boasting a 48MP main camera.

The signature is gone and has been replaced by what Apple is calling Dynamic Island, where animations and notifications where now live at the top of your phone.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

Source: Apple / Apple Watch Ultra

Apple’s long-rumored high-end watch has finally been confirmed. The only difference it will not be called the Apple Watch Pro but will be known as the Apple Watch Ultra. The watch is geared toward more active individuals who enjoy activities like water sports, deep sea diving, and trail hiking and is more “rugged” than your typical Apple Watch.

It comes in a 49mm size, boasts twice the battery life, and has precise GPS tracking. Also, surprisingly the Apple Watch Pro only costs $799, and not the rumored $999 price tag.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

Source: Apple / Apple Watch Series 8

For those who don’t need a watch to go deep sea diving with, there is the Apple Watch Series 8. Starting at $399, the Series 8 features a temperature sensor to help women with reproductive planning and monitoring. The Apple Watch Series 8 now has a low-power mode to help your smartwatch last longer.

New AirPods Pro

Apple New AirPod Pro

Source: Apple / New AirPod Pro

Finally, a new pair of AirPods Pro for you to misplace and have to replace are coming. The $249 wireless buds now boast Apple’s H2 chip and low distortion mode audio driver, and custom amplifier to provide better sound. You will also be able to use the front-facing camera to help create a customized spatial audio profile.

Battery life has been increased to six hours of playback, and active noise cancellation has been improved on the second-generation AirPods Pro.

So what is the internet saying about Apple’s slate of devices and wearables? It’s the usual jokes and observations. You can peep those in the gallery below.

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