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Black Lives have always mattered. And so have Black-owned businesses.

Along with the unrest that has plagued the nation, and the world, as people have taken to the streets to demand justice for Black people, there has been a concurrent wave of emphasizing support for those who have been oppressed for too long.

So while major white-owned brands have been paying lip service to Black Lives Matter (wait to see what they do, not just what they say), a good way of actually putting in work is by supporting Black businesses. Suddenly, anyone with an outlet has a list of Black businesses to solicit.

While that’s certainly all good, if you’ve been around here a while then you know repping for our own is something Hip-Hop Wired has always done off g.p. With that in mind, our editors decided to create a list of Black-owned businesses that we have been rocking with for a while, often for YEARS.

From grooming products to a hot cup of Joe, to face masks (the Rona hasn’t left, yet) to some fresh wears for when the outside if fully back open, this Black List will help keep you fresh while keeping your coins in the community. Always look out for people who cater to you wholly, not just for your cash.



1. SONSON bowties

SONSON bowties Source:SONSON

Out of Oakland, SONSON is a bow tie brand originally dedicated to fathers and sons. We were already sold, and now they also hook up face masks. Word. Get familiar right here

2. Grindstone Universal

Grindstone Universal Source:Grindstone Univerdal

Grindstone Universal is one of the Washington, D.C. area’s earliest streetwear brands, and it has since expanded to broader fashion trends while also doubling as a multimedia company and record label. Along with positive, self-affirming images emblazoned on the gear, the principles of the brand are rooted deeply in the elevation of Black minds.

3. Black Card Revoked

Black Card Revoked Source:Cards For All People

Cooked up by the folks at Cards For All People, Black Card Revoked is a card game that will test the knowledge of 6 players on all things Black culture. You can cop your right here.

4. Calabash Tea & Tonic


Calabash Tea & Tonic is a brick and mortar, Black and woman-owned entity that has served the Washington, D.C. region for years. With a location in the city’s Shaw neighborhood, and a space in the Brookland section, Dr. Sunyatta Amen and her superstar team of healers have the teas, herbs, and potions crafted to bring balance to one’s mind, spirit, and body. They also ship nationwide.

5. Oyin Handmade

Oyin Handmade Source:Oyin

Based in Baltimore, Md., Oyin Handmade was founded by Jamyla Bennu in 2001, with her husband Pierre joining the operation in 2003. Today, Oyin Handmade products can be found in a number of mainstream establishments and they’re also reachable online.

6. TRUE Laundry Company

TRUE cleaning products Source:TRUE

The True Laundry company is Atlanta based and even offers subscriptions that provide a discount on their cleaning products. They also sell disinfecting products, too.k 

7. Bevel

Men's Grooming Brand Bevel Expands with New Body, Hair and Skin Products Source:Bevel

The first thing you may think when you read Bevel is their clippers or shaving system. But the brand’s men’s  body, hair and skin products are clutch. Perfect for the keeping your quarantine beard clean and crispy. 

8. Strivers Row

Striver's Row Source:Striver's Row

Strivers Row describes itself as a “lifestyle brand focusing on timeless garments, drawing influence from the current state of street culture.” Its founder is Jason Geter, a name that may be familiar since he was also in on creating an outfit called Grand Hustle with T.I. 

9. DOPE Coffee

Dope coffee Source:DOPE Coffee

Damn right people drink coffee, and they want the quality stuff, too. DOPE Coffee’s ethos of showing the world that premium coffee culture and Black culture are very much related. If you’re not able to hit the physical shop in Atlanta, they got you covered online