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#BlackInkChi: Lily Gets Drink Thrown On Her For Using N-Word

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

We are leaving the streets of Harlem and heading back to Chicago to catch up with Ryan Henry and his 9Mag crew. Last season the tattoo shop owner decided to open up another shop giving Van ownership duties of his old shop, this season we will see how this latest endeavor works out, here’s a hint so far it looks like Ryan was smart to move on.

The differences between the two shops couldn’t be any more different. The new 9Mag is a professional environment with tattoo artists who seems for the most part about their business and drama free. The old 9Mag shop ran by Van is still the hot mess, and it looks like he is not going to do anything to change the problematic culture.

Immediately the Van regime is off to a shaky start with the new boss laying down some new rules. He sets his focus unfairly on Bella, who decides to call by her government name ‘Latifah’ ordering her to do minuscule tasks like folding t-shirts. Having enough of his antics, Bella flips over the table and walks out seemingly quitting and joining her buddy Lilly in the world of unemployment rather than subject her self to Van’s nonsense.

Meanwhile, in the new 9Mag, Ryan is running a tight ship and wants nothing to do with his old situation and understandably so. To make sure the stench of the old 9Mag doesn’t seep its way into the new shop, Ryan enforces a rule that his former employees need to ring the bell and be buzzed in. Phor learned about this new procedure first hand when he tried to visit the new shop to speak to Ryan.

Phor is not feeling that at all, but Ryan is dead serious about his new policies regarding his new shop. He does inform his former employee there is a booth for him in the new 9Mag and Phor is down to join the crew. He gets kinda turned off when he learns that he has to sign a contract to work out of the new shop and feels disrespected that Ryan would make him sign one.

Last but certainly not least, Lily and her use of the n-word is still an issue.  Despite being fired from the shop last season, for some reason, she decided to show up with fellow unemployed friend Bella at the shop during a party Van was throwing. Of course, her visit didn’t sit well with anyone, including the new shop owner. Lily, after getting into an argument with the old 9Mag crew, decided once again used n***a too comfortably. For her transgression, she was rewarded with a drink in the face.

As you can imagine Black Ink Crew: Chicago viewers had thoughts after watching the season premiere. You can hit the gallery below to see them all.

Photo: Bernard Smalls /@PhotosByBeanz