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Black Ink Crew: Puma & Teddy Finally See Eye-To-Eye

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Black Ink Crew continues without Ceaser, which means the crew is trying to figure out how to keep the ship afloat without the original captain.

Puma & Teddy Are Still At Odds About The Future of Black Ink

Last week tempers flared when Puma and Teddy couldn’t see eye to eye on a new Black Ink shop location that doesn’t have Ceaser’s stench on it.

Puma wanted to take Black Ink out of the hood because he felt its time for the brand to level up, and he has found a nice location on the Lower East Side.

Speaking with Quani, Puma tells her how stressful the situation has been to get everyone on board so the show can move forward without Ceaser.

Teddy links up with Spyder, who agrees that the shop should remain in the hood because the hood is the reason Black Ink is successful, giving them all the opportunities they have now. Spyder is still ridiculously loyal to Ceaser, and we shall see how that plays out as the season progresses.

Rok & Krystal’s Falling Out Is Not Good For Business

We don’t know where or how this happened, but Rok and Krystal are done. Unfortunately, they can’t just go their separate ways because they own a tattoo shop together.

The former couple decides to throw a party to celebrate the first anniversary of their tattoo shop, Gods of Ink. The party is lit until Krystal shows up with a “friend” named Danny, and Rok is unhappy about that.

He believes Krystal disrespected him in his shop, so he decides to press Danny, and things get heated until the two men are separated, and Rok eventually walks away.

The following day Krystal talks about the incident with her new roommate and employee, Vanity. Krystal feels her former fiance overreacted that night and feels Rok needs to move on because she already has.

Rok links up with Alex for some bowling, and the OnlyFans content creator has invited two friends to hang out and bowl with them. Alex tries to help Rok get over Krystal by inviting two women he knows to join them.

Rok’s rust in the dating department is apparent because his game is insanely weak, causing Alex to think twice about hooking him up.

Teddy Opens Up About His Past

There aren’t many storylines this season, so we learn more about Teddy’s past. Before he became a professional couch sitter, Teddy ended up in jail after catching a felony charge at the age of 19.

Teddy tells the tragic story of a shootout on his block, hiding drugs in his house, and taking charge after cops took his mother in for questioning.

Teddy spent eight months in jail, and once he got out could not do anything because of his record. Ceaser did not have a record, so he had to sign for everything on behalf of Teddy. Speaking with a guy, he learns there are steps he can take to get his record expunged, and he’s down for it.

Burying The Black Ink Crew Hatchet

Rok and Kyrstal link up for a much-needed conversation following the events during the anniversary party. Rok expresses how disrespectful he thinks it was for Krystal to bring a man to the party, claiming he would never do that.

Krystal finally understands where Rok is coming from and agrees that she wouldn’t have liked it if Rok had come to shop with another woman. The two decide to work together for the sake of peace and to keep their business relationship going.

Teddy and Puma finally meet up, and it doesn’t take too long for them to see eye-to-eye. Puma agrees to listen to Teddy more which is vital to ensuring the Black Ink legacy lives on.

Youn peep reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

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