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Ceaser Gets Fired, Is This The End of Black Ink Crew? Fans React

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz / Ceaser

Last week it was Ceaser doing the firing. In the season 10 finale of Black Ink Crew, the tattoo shop mogul gets the axe, and his team wonders if this is the show’s end.

Young Bae Makes Peace With Krystal

After they got the boot last week, Young Bae decided to take herself to Gods of Ink tattoo shop on a goodwill mission. Bae feels awful for being why she, Krystal, Vanity, and Tatti got fired.

Krystal is initially hesitant, but she decides to hear what Bae says. After a conversation ironically over some drinks, Krystal accepts Bae’s apology.

Later in the episode, Krystal tells Rok about the moment and how the situation played out. Rok tells Krystal he is on her side and can no longer see himself working at Black Ink if she is not there.

Ceaser Gets The Boot

It took some time and numerous boring episodes, but we have finally reached the moment we all knew was coming. Cesser’s shenanigans finally caught up with him.

After doing all of the preaching about not messing up the brand and his legacy, Ceaser was the one who did it, well, at least his television show.

The first to see the video are Nychelle (with her fine self), Draya, and Tatti, who found herself a bartending gig after Ceaser fired her.

All other Black Ink members received a well-timed alert with cameras ready to capture their response after watching a video of Ceaser assaulting a dog.

Everyone is appalled at what they witnessed and is called into VH1 offices for a meeting to discuss the show’s future. A producer on the show who has gotten a lot of screen time this season breaks the news to them that Ceaser was fired, and the episode they are filming will be the final one of the season.

She also tearfully says she has no idea if the show will continue beyond the point, leaving the remaining cast members wondering what the hell they will do now.

Will There Be A Black Ink Crew After Ceaser?

With the idea of them having to find actual work to do, especially Teddy, cause that man has done a damn thing for ten seasons, everyone wonders if the show will go on without Ceaser?

Tatti believes it’s a wrap. Draya found the video too disturbing and wants no part of Ceaser’s empire.

Puma and Teddy don’t want the show to die and even contemplate taking matters into their own hands by possibly opening up their own shop.

But for right now, it looks like it’s a wrap for Black Ink Crew.

You can see reactions to the shocking season finale below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

1. It’s been a wild ride.

2. It’s been a pleasure watching you do nothing for 10 seasons

3. Welp

4. Damn