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Last week, Jess attempted to salvage Walt and Ceaser’s friendship, but the tattoo shop mogul can’t get over the fact Walt stole from him. Meanwhile, Donna, Alex, and Jess all show support for Walt despite everyone else thinking Walt broke into the 125th shop. Monday night (May 10), Ceaser puts the drama behind him and decides to bring his Black Ink Crew to Atlanta.

Finally, an episode not devoted to the Walt saga.

The episode opens up with Ceaser and his new boo Suzette. She is a realtor and a credit specialist and now has Ceaser’s heart. We get a brief introduction of how the two met and hit it off and their life together as well as a snapshot of domesticated Ceaser.

Moving on, we zap to Brooklyn, and the crew gets a virtual call from their boss. Ceaser is worried about the “rising number of COVID-19 cases” in New York and decides it would be smart to bring the NYC crew to Atlanta to keep them busy and ensure the business doesn’t take a hit.

Oh, and Young Bae, who is back in the building as well.

Puma wasn’t on board but understands that he needs to make some money. Everyone isn’t immediately down for the idea because they are worried about their families and other things. Ceaser tells them to get their situations in order because the trip is going down soon. Young Bae isn’t too sure because she doesn’t want to be away from her son or her shop that we just learned about. She eventually says, nah.

Spyder, the Brooklyn shop’s lead artist, is down. Tatti is worried about leaving her family in the new house she just bought, but she is definitely ready to head to Atlanta. Rokmatic is worried about who will pay his rent, but his boss reminds him that he needs a job to pay the rent.

Alex is excited but asks if Donna could come along. Ceaser shut that down immediately because Donna doesn’t do tattoos anymore and would take up space. Alex insists that he’s not coming if “Big Mama” can’t, so Tatti takes it upon herself to invite Donna on the trip.

With the trip set, we head to Puma’s crib, and he’s packing. Quani walks in, and she is not excited at the news that Puma is leaving them and heading to Brian Kemp’s Georgia, being that Atlanta has been OPEN, OPEN, during the entire pandemic. This is why it’s even more ridiculous that Ceaser is bringing them down there in the first place. Puma understands his wife’s concerns but promises that everything will be safe and tells her that once he finds something suitable for them down there, he will bring Quani and the kids to Atlanta.

It’s time to make the trip to Atlanta, and the crew is in for a big surprise. They thought they were flying but are shocked to learn they would be taking a bus. Little do they know it’s all part of a plan that Puma and Ceaser came up with to fool them. They are actually getting there via a private jet.

Once they get on the jet, they act like they haven’t been there before, and understandably so.

The flight is going smoothly until there is some drama between Donna and Alex. Donna is knocked out because she got “seasick” on the plane, her words, not ours, so Alex decides to do a tattoo on Puma instead of her to accomplish his goal of doing a tattoo on someone while on a plane. Donna overhears what is going on and is not too pleased, and decides to chew Alex out in front of everyone.

After the one-sided argument, the couple kiss and makeup… literally, and Alex does the tattoo on her. It’s not perfect, but it’s just right for Donna.

They finally touch down in Atlanta and are greeted by some bad news. Apparently, someone who has been in the house tested positive for COVID-19, and it’s being sanitized. While the mansion is being scrubbed clean of COVID-19, the crew will be staying at hotels. Puma is not having it and wants to go back home immediately cause he fears catching COVID-19 and giving it to his family.


Other notable Black Ink Crew moments that happened during the episode:

Tatti laid down the law to her family as if she would be away from them for years. She tasked each of her family members to make some significant strides while she is gone.

Spyder and Krystal got into it after he said that she could take some pointers from him. Krystal was not feeling that and felt Spyder is doing too much. Before they hopped on the bus, they squashed their “beef.”

In more Walt news, he is down but not out. Being that he is no longer welcomed in the shop, he is booking more comedy shows to keep himself busy and keep the money flowing, and Jess is right there to laugh at all of his jokes.

You can peep reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83


Lol, damn, the producers could have told her that. 


She definitely did. 


Gotta admire that. 




It was, as long as she liked it. 


It was extremely unprofessional. 


Puma has stepped up this season. 


Make it, make sense.