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Cam'ron Claims He Left JuJu For Threatening Becky Business Partner

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

For those who don’t know, Cam’ron can be very petty. The Dipset general decided to clear the air in regards to why he broke up with JuJu once and for all in a video because she threatened to beat up his Becky business partner.

So much for her just not being “fun” anymore.

Kila Cam dropped a hilarious Instagram video backed with a soundtrack and sponsored by Dipset couture. He starts the clip where he basically clowned the former love his life saying “First off, I wanna start off by saying I’m not your enemy,” then following that up by explaining he had to end the relationship because she made numerous threats to his caucasian co-worker because she unfollowed her.

“I’m happy for everything you’re doing, but I’m tired of looking like the villain,” he said. “Even though I like being the villain, but this isn’t the case for this scenario. I didn’t break up with you because it wasn’t fun or anything like that. I broke up with you because you kept threatening to beat up one of my co-workers for unfollowing you . . . I’m too old to beat up or see somebody getting beat up who brings me $300,000 a year for unfollowing. I couldn’t take it anymore, because of the Instagram ‘follow this person, follow that person,’ and you can’t beat up white people in New York, especially a white Jew. You can’t beat up any white Jewish people in New York.”

Allegedly this all began after JuJu commented “whew chile” under an Instagram post where the “Oh Boy” rapper shared a meme that stated: “Twerk videos are played out sis. Post a video of you reading out loud!!”

JuJu posted and deleted a response to Cam’Ron’s comments about her plastic surgery sharing a video of her 16-year-old self. Of course, The Shaderoom caught it before it disappeared.

Twitter chimed in on the matter with the majority of users thinking Cam’Ron is doing the most and is absolutely petty for even bringing it up. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty