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Candace Owens Called Trump A Feminist; Twitter Gathers Her By Her Edges

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Even though she just had her first baby, Candace Owens is tap dancing better than ever. She is doing a fine jig on social media for the former president.

On Sunday, February 28, Donald Trump delivered his first address since losing the 2020 election to Joseph Biden. The disgraced politician spread various false claims at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, ranging from accusations of voter fraud to blaming Texas’s recent power outages on a non-existent windmill calamity. He seemingly took the cake when he made some very blatant transphobic commentary as he criticized Biden’s decision to allow transgender kids to participate in sports according to their gender identity.

The conservative author took to Twitter to praise 45 in her typical ridiculous fashion. “If you guys are wondering what actual feminism is, it’s Donald Trump having the courage to stand up on stage and call out the insanity of biological men dominating women’s sports,” she wrote.

The tweet quickly caught momentum via retweets and shares, which prompted her to double down on her stance.  “Donald Trump is more of a feminist icon than any woman breathing who works to legitimatize the diabolical effort from the LGBT community to erase what it means to be a woman. Dear “feminists,” your silence is violence.”

Naturally, Owens was met with backlash for her comments from democrats and republicans alike. You can read some of the best responses below.

No lies detected.

You can peep more responses to Candace Owen’s foolishness in the gallery below.

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