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Cardi B made some necessary noise in 2020 with her wildly popular “W.A.P.” single with Megan Thee Stallion, solidifying her spot as one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop regardless of gender.  With the release of her latest single “Up” along with an accompanying video, it appears safe to say that Bardi is back to reclaim the throne.

Produced by DJ SwanQo and Yung Dza, “Up” is thought to be a single for Cardi’s upcoming second studio album and her first release in six months. After first teasing the track at the top of the month, the masses are now privy to her latest musical creation

Much like “W.A.P.” before it, “Up” is another anthem for the baddies and finds the New York superstar taking ownership of her sexuality and womanhood but there is some aggression within the song that leans more towards the block versus the strip club.

Lyrics from “Up”:

I could make the party hot, I could make your body rock/B*tches say they f*ckin’ with me, chances are they probably not/If I had a d*ck, you’d probably lick it like a lollipop/Hoes speakin’ cap-enese, hit ’em with karate chop/I’m forever poppin’ shit, pullin’ up and droppin’ sh*t/Gotta argue with him ’cause a n*igga love a toxic b*tch/N*ggas out here playin’, gotta make ’em understand/If ain’t no ring on my finger, you ain’t goin’ on my ‘Gram

The video itself is definitely something that would have gotten some burn on the BET Uncut days, with Cardi deeply kissing women and rocking a number of barely-clinging fits on her curvy frame.

With the song doing some numbers, Mir Pesos, a rapper out of Camden, N.J., is claiming that Cardi stole his hook and idea from his track “Stuck” featuring Mir Fontane.

We’ll let the streets decide but it appears Cardi had the idea for the song back in August 2020 with Pesos dropping his joint the following month. Further, Cardi explained on Twitter that the phrase “up and it’s stuck” is something she heard her husband Offset say and is apparently widely used slang.

Twitter is currently, ahem, going up for Cardi and her new single “Up” and we’ve got those reactions and the video below.

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