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Donna Returns On 'Black Ink Crew' & Twitter Was Not Thrilled To See Her

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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Young Bae’s mom was not feeling her new boo, and Ceaser was not here for Teddy going Hollywood and neglecting his Black Ink duties. This week Ceaser and the crew head to Milwaukee to see if Teddy handled business like he was supposed to, plus deal with another significant issue affecting his business.

Ceaser Heads To Milwaukee, The New York Crew Plays Hooky

After learning that Teddy has been dropping the ball with the Milwaukee shop, Ceaser decides to head out there to see the process being made with the shop and takes Puma, his lazy cousin, and Spyder (Van shows up later) on a trip to the city to get his latest shop open. When the head cat is away, the mice will play, which is the case with the Brooklyn location. They take advantage of the bosses not being around and decide to play hooky and take a party bus to go wine tasting leaving the apprentices in charge, which is outrageous.

While his New York crew isn’t doing what they are supposed to do, Ceaser gets a call from his assistant in Atlanta, Breezy, and she informs her boss that all of the artists that work in the Atlanta shop have not shown up to work. Apparently, all of the artists went against his orders, going to a tattoo convention that he claims discriminated against him and his business. The tattoo mogul is upset and decides a trip to Atlanta is necessary because he feels betrayed by his crew but decides to focus on the business at hand opening up the Milwaukee shop.

Alex Brings Donna Back, Tatti Has A Health Scare

During their unsanctioned work trip, Alex decides to surprise the crew and brings out his Big Mama, aka Donna. Everyone is happy to see her except Tatti because things got testy between them the last time they were in the same breathing space. Donna also still doesn’t take responsibility for her terrible behavior in the shop and gets called out for it, but that doesn’t stop the trip from happening.

The hooky trip to the winery is going well until Tatti suddenly has a health scare and passes out, ending the outing. When Tatti shows up at the shop, she reveals that she was stressed out from her legal issues and also not eating that day before drinking. We also learned that Tatti has one kidney. You wouldn’t believe that based on how she consumes alcohol on the show.

We’re just glad she is okay.

Ceaser Gives The Entire Atlanta Crew The Boot

Teddy has done a great job of impressing Ceaser by showing his cousin/boss that there is a thriving community of Black-owned businesses in the city, and Black Ink would be a welcomed addition. It’s time for the shop’s opening, and Ceaser is impressed with what Teddy accomplished and comes to terms with Teddy focusing on his music and acting career while working for Black Ink.

With that situation handled, Ceaser hits the New York crew on FaceTime and reveals to them that he has fired the entire Black Ink Atlanta staff and he needs them to fly to Atlanta to fill in for them.

Alex tells Donna the latest developments, and she feels he shouldn’t go to Atlanta. She wants him to be miserable just like her and leave the company because she feels he is wasting his potential. Alex will subsequently decide to join the crew in Atlanta, going against Donna’s wishes.

Everyone shows up except for Rok and Krystal. Puma shares that they drove all the way to Virginia because Krystal fears flying, which is strange because she was pretty comfortable when she hopped on the private jet. Anyway, they returned home because Krystal got bit by the couple’s new dog on the arm and in the stomach during the trip and almost crashed, allegedly. Puma and the crew are very skeptical of the story, and Ceaser is very disappointed they didn’t show up in Atlanta when he needed them and is leaning towards giving them both the boot since he is still in the firing mood.

Tatti Gets Some Good News

Tatti’s legal drama has been front and center all season long and holding her down. Her lawyers gave her some good news revealing that he negotiated a deal that she would avoid jail time, which caused her to break down in tears. So, she did do something but got a slap on the wrist.


As long as she doesn’t end up in the clink doing some significant time, so good for her.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

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