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Chance The Rapper has had quite a week. Not only did the Chicago rapper get sued by his former manager, he got wholesomely trolled by legendary R&B singer Dionne Warwick, too.

As for the lawsuit, Vulture reports that Pat Corcoran has sued Lil Chano for a cool $3 million. According to Corcoran, who reportedly held down Chance during his rise an independent artist, the Coloring Book rapper broke an oral agreement and hasn’t been paying commissions he is due since he was unceremoniously fired in February 2019.

From the sounds of Corcoran’s lawsuit, the trouble began when Chance’s family got more involved in his career (Corcoran was replaced by the rapper’s father).

Per Vulture:

In the lawsuit, Corcoran traces problems in his relationship with Chance to February 2019, when the rapper announced that his debut studio album, The Big Day, would come out in July, without consulting Corcoran. “It was likely there was not enough time for the creative process involved in releasing an album,” the suit claims, citing Chance’s March wedding. Corcoran implies Chance announced the album “before the recording or writing process even began,” and goes on to knock the “unproductive and undisciplined studio sessions” that followed. “Procrastination and lackadaisical effort, perpetuated by various hangers-on uninterested in the hard work of writing and recording, resulted in a freestyle-driven product of sub-par quality,” the suit goes on to claim, calling the album “a complete deviation from the meticulous writing process that brought Bennett fame for his wordplay and wit.” Corcoran cites the album’s tepid critical reception and quick fade from the charts as hurting both Chance’s and his own reputations, along with not creating enough hype for a subsequently planned arena tour. After Corcoran recommended Chance cancel the tour, the rapper instead first postponed it, then ultimately never rescheduled it. “Bennett ultimately blamed Corcoran for the judgment rendered by his fan base rather than accept that his own lack of dedication had doomed the project,” the filing claims.

Sounds like all the fingers are being points. Chance’s camp claims Corcoran has been paid everything he is due, and the lawsuit is a call for attention, and they’ll deal with him in court.

As for Dionne Warwick, she took to Twitter to question Chance’s choice in monikers, and it quickly went viral.

Hi, @chancetherapper. If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name? I cannot stop thinking about this,” tweeted the icon. 


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