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Twitter Reacts To Charmaine Breaking Down On 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago'

Source: Courtesy VH1 / ViacomCBS

Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Phor and Nina’s shaky relationship was the episode’s primary focus. This week, Phor comes to a decision. It also touches on other matters involving the crew.

Phor Bounces

Phor is fed up with Nina following their argument at the nail salon. He tells Ryan and Don about the latest blowup with Nina and reveals that he has begun to take steps to ensure he is good when it’s time to determine who gets custody of their son. Ryan and Don offer Phor some solid advice telling him that for the sake of healthy delivery, he needs to find a way to get along with Nina and worry about all that after stuff after the baby comes.

With Nina still heavy on his, Phor gets a text message from Nina telling him that she is packing up her things and moving out of the crib. Phor arrives and sees moving men packing up Nina’s belongings. Phor tells the movers to give them some privacy so they can have a much-needed conversation.

The struggling couple hashes things out between them. Phor tells Nina he believes they need space and decides he should be the one that will move to make things easier for her. Phor reveals to Nina that he has begun ensuring that his parental rights are protected, and if he needs to, he will take a paternity test to determine if the child is his. That rubs Nina the wrong way because she says Phor is the only man she has been with. They both admit the relationship is not working, and it’s time to focus on being co-parents.

COVID-19 Throws A Monkey Wrench In Don’s Plans

Don is back in a good place mentally and is excited to open up his gym after his health scare. He also makes his return to 9MAG. Being the good friend that he is, Ryan decides that he doesn’t want to put too much on Don and puts him in charge of event planning ahead of the upcoming tattoo convention. Ryan believes this position will give Don the flexibility to work without being in the shop, and he can focus on running his gym.

Keeping the good vibes going, Don decides to visit Charmaine at 2nd City Ink. He wants to invite Charmain and her still-growing crew to his gym’s grand opening, and she accepts. That’s a big step between them since their massive falling out after Don spread those rumors about her and Van sleeping together.

It’s the big day of Apex Gym’s soft opening, and the excitement is sucked out of the air. A producer on the show reveals someone has tested positive for COVID-19, and they have to shut down production, which means Don’s opening will also have to be put on ice. Understandably Don is frustrated but understands safety is more important. He calls Ryan to tell him the bad news and asks him to tell Charmaine that the grand opening event has been canceled until further notice.

Charmaine Is Struggling

Charmaine has a lot on her plate, and it’s all coming to a head. She is still busy trying to get artists for her shop and is resorting to recruiting old members back. She’s already got Draya back on the team, so she decides to check in on Plug, who we now found out goes by Heaven and is in the process of transitioning.

Heaven says she is down to come back, but part-time, and Charmaine is excited just to have her back on the team. While that is happening, the shop is still a struggle. Draya points out to kit there are still many issues that need to be fixed, and there needs to be a manager to handle these duties. Kit agrees but also points out that as a brand manager, that’s not her problem because Charmaine wants to be in charge of hiring.

Charmaine is well aware of the issues going on in the shop, but her personal life is in shambles due to her father’s deteriorating health. While interviewing a potential new artist, she’s got a heartbreaking call from her father. Following treatment on his lungs, he tells Charmaine that he doesn’t feel any better and thinks it’s time to start considering hospice care knowing the days are just counting down. Charmaine breaks down, and Kit comes in to console Charmaine and let her know that she has a team willing to help, and she doesn’t need to do anything.

We spoke with Charmaine about dealing with the loss of both her parents and having a child in a short period on television, and she revealed to us how she manages it.

But that won’t be her only issue in this episode. Her husband, Neek, isn’t too pleased either. Charmaine tells Neek that Don came to the tattoo shop to invite her to his gym opening. Neek wasn’t too happy to hear that and feels his wife doesn’t need to be associating with Don because of the Van rumor he spread. Neek is totally against the idea of Charmaine and Don becoming friends again.

Twitter had thoughts on the episode. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / ViacomCBS