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Christian Keyes, an actor and model who has several credits in both film and television, revealed that a powerful figure in the industry sexually harassed him for years. Keyes, a Michigan native, made his film debut in Tyler Perrys Diary Of A Mad Black Woman along with other productions Perry was involved in.

Via an Instagram Live video, Christian Keyes, 48, shared chilling details of what he allegedly endured at the hands of the unnamed person on Friday (December 15). In the video, Keyes explained that he was propositioned by the individual several times with requests to remove his clothing for money or visit the person’s home after auditions.

In the video, Keyes clearly states that he didn’t take the bait or engage in any activity to gain favor with the person who allegedly pressured and sexually harassed him. While he didn’t name the person in question, Keyes claims to have recordings that back up his story.

“The good news is that they don’t even have to believe me. Hopefully they do, but if they don’t, they can hear this person. Since the sexual harassment started, I’ve carried many recorder devices on me: keychains, pens, thumb drives, all of the above,” Keyes said.

Keyes went on to say that he wants to “air that sh*t” out because the person he is accusing of harassment is a beloved figure in the industry and has several supportive fans. Further, Keyes said that the perpetrator of the alleged harassment told him that he had other men on the payroll who heeded their beck and call in a bid to get him to follow suit.

On Twitter, Tyler Perry as mentioned above, saw his name trending and given the fact that Christian Keyes got his start with Perry, folks online are connecting unconfirmed dots on their own. Others one mentioned Robert Smith and Sean “Diddy” Combs as the mystery figure.

We’ve got reactions below. The IG Live session in question can be viewed below as well.

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