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Father’s Day will soon be upon us and many will be no doubt scrambling to find the perfect gift for the fathers and father figures in their lives. Hip-Hop Wired hopes to aid you in your quest with our grab bag of gifts for the dad in your life, covering all aspects of Dad-ism with stuff for the outdoors, fitness tools, music accessories, and much more.

If you’re like us, you’ve definitely agonized every year around this time as to what gift the special fathers in your lives could use, especially those savvy guys who seem to have every gadget and trinket. We hope that this grab bag gift guide covers enough of a wide range for you to snag a gift that’ll knock Dad’s socks off.

Given that many dads are working remotely, we have items fit for the home office. Of course, we can’t work all day, so there are items that’ll help dad unwind after a long day of being awesome in whatever field they’re in. We also incorporated some pretty neat items for the dads that love the outdoors and ready to get amongst nature and enjoy the warm days and cool nights of summer.

Until at least this coming Monday (June 14), we’ll update this list as much as we can with fresh items and (BRIEF) reviews as we’re trying to make sure folks have enough time to get the items they think will fit delivered before Dad’s big day.

If you happen to like anything you see, let us know about it across all our social media channels at @HIpHopWired, and be sure to check back before Monday. For now, check out the list. Keep in mind that the list is numbered but does not constitute that a ranking system is in place.

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1. Stealth – Game Your Core

Stealth Source:Stealth

Company: Stealth – Game Your Core
Price: $99.00

Let’s face it, working out is something most of us should do more often but a lot of times, it just doesn’t feel fun. Thanks to the good folks at Stealth, working out your core and other major muscles will be something you look forward to thanks to their innovative gaming system and balance board. With your trusty Stealth board and a smartphone, you’ll soon be flying through the air or playing air hockey all while burning a ton of calories and toning up your arms, chest, glutes, legs, and more. Trust us, just a few minutes on the board will definitely work areas you’ve forgotten about but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

2. That Blanket

Company: That Blanket
Price: $79.99-$99

There are plenty of dads out there who have their favorite bedding or throw blanket, especially when they’re putting their feet up on Father’s Day while everyone shows their appreciation. Why not give Dad something that he’ll remember for a lifetime with That Blanket? That Blanket offers an array of high-quality blankets in different sizes that can be personalized with your own image, or you can use some of the company’s featured collections. This year, they even have a Father’s Day collection that you can check out here. There is also a Father’s Day sale so head over and get Dad something to wrap himself in pronto!

3. AquaSonic

Company: AquaSonic
Price: Varies

If you’ve been shopping for electric toothbrushes, you’re well aware that those items can get quite pricey with questionable qualities and results. Enter AquaSonic, a high-quality but affordably priced option with some innovative features and a lovely array of products. AquaSonic got its start in 2017 in response to all the products that are priced outside many budgets. Boasting features that best some of its costlier compatriots, AquaSonice will have Dad smiling ear to ear all year long.


Price: Varies

One thing that truly ramped up in the age of COVID-19 was the consumption of alcohol and frankly, some of us could use a welcome break from the booze but might miss the social interaction. OPTIMIST, a company specializing in alcohol-free spirits, is a fantastic option for those who still want to drink and chat without worrying about getting too buzzed and remaining present. Inspired by the sights and sounds of Los Angeles, OPTIMIST offers three options of BRIGHT, FRESH, and SMOKEY, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. OPTIMIST worked with a lot of the nation’s top bartenders, who have all helped the company create some visually arresting and equally tasty beverages to boot. Besides, you can knock back a few without the worry of a hangover later.

5. TerraVita CBD

Company: TerraVita CBD
Price: Varies

The medicinal benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) have been studied and lauded by those who partake for years, which is great considering that the substance has no psychoactive effects (aka it can’t get you high) and that’s definitely good news for those who abstain. TerraVita CBD has a wide array of products that can help with focus, anxiety, stress, pain relief, and even sleep. What’s more, the company has several affordably priced bundles for those who wish to add CBD to their daily routines.

6. The Root Of It All

Company: The Root Of It All
Prices: Varies

Ayurvedic medicine originated in India over 3,000 years ago and the practice still provides benefits to those seeking alternative methods of health maintenance and healing. The Root Of It All specializes in botanical remedies to address a number of issues, including restlessness, pain, and more. Founder Shehzad Hoosein, who grew up in an Indian household, believes that alternative medicine is the best path for all, especially since everything comes for the earth itself.

7. TikiTunes from Limitless Innovations

Company: Tiki Tunes/Limitless Innovations
Price: $39.99

While the days of the aux cord are all but over, Bluetooth has given those audiophiles and music lovers an excellent cord-free option of blasting out their favorite tunes. TikiTunes, one of the standout items in the Limitless Innovations’ offering of products, is a tiki torch-styled Bluetooth speaker that offers six hours of playing time, water-resistance, and that all-too-important lighting situation for any backyard gathering or even a quiet night with Dad with the kids tucked in bed or away at Nana’s.

8. Aurum79

Company: Aurum79
Prices: Varies

We’re pretty sure that the savvy online consumer has experienced the joys of one-stop shopping for beauty, skincare, and health products, but few can boast of being by and for Black and Brown people. Aurum79 specializes in showcasing products from Black and Brown-owned companies and they have three products for Father’s Day folks should definitely check out as there is a sale going on.

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