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Father’s Day will be here in under a week and some of us are scrambling for ideas at the moment. When shopping for the Dad that seemingly has everything, it gets tough but we have a gift guide that might help with that.

Father’s Day Shopping Made A Little Easier

How we’re approaching the guide this year is we’re bringing fashion, tech, and leisure into the mix. Let’s say Dad is into the great outdoors. We’ve got something for that. Is Pops into maxing and relaxing? You’re covered. If the fathers you know are into gadgets, we’re also going into that lane. The point is, we want to make sure you’re not only wowing the Dads you know and love but also getting them something useful and lasting.

If we happen to inspire a purchase for pops, let us know via our social media channels or in the comment box.

Enjoy the Fathers’s Day Grab Bag Gift Guide below.

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1. Moët & Chandon x NBA Giftbox

Moët & Chandon x NBA Giftbox Source:NBA

Price: $75.00/79.00
Where To Find: Impérial Brut & Nectar Impérial Rosé 

Moët & Chandon, the official champagne of the NBA, has something for the basketball-loving dads out there. The Moët & Chandon X NBA Giftbox is a sleek package featuring the Impérial Brut and Nectar Impérial Rosé offerings from the brand coupled with a beautiful box featuring “The Logo” of the NBA.  Sold exclusively via Our Cellar (Links above).

2. bearback Back Scratcher


Price: $22.97
Where To Find:

As dads get up there in age, the ol’ flexibility wanes just a bit. Luckily, the bearback Back Scratcher is here to save the (itchy) day. What’s really cool about the bearback Back Scratcher is not only does it get to those hard-to-reach spaces, but it’s also customizable with a lotion applicator, massage roller, and more. Trust us, this is one of the best tools we’ve tried in a while.

3. That Blanket

Source:That Blanket

Price: $59.99
Where To Find:

For the dads who love to keep memories alive or love showing off their individual flair, That Blanket offers a made-to-order experience that could please even the pickiest gift getter in your life. The soft, versatile material used by That Blanket can double as a throw for one’s sofa, a warm layer for cool nights, and more. All with images tailor-made for dad.

4. Pizuna


Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Is your dad always hot? We’re not talking about his dashing good looks but his actual body temperature! If so, getting to bed as someone who runs on the warm side is tough. Pizuna’s affordable cotton sheets and bedding sets are here to keep dad cool as he heats up. Covering a wide array of bed sizes, complete with full bedding sets, Pizuna is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to rest in style. 

5. Puffer Hug

Source:Puffer Hug

Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Is the dad in your life the fashionably cool sort? If so, the Puffer Hug is a must-have accessory! The Puffer Hug is something like a scarf, something like a vest, but way more interesting than our description. It also comes with pockets to store goods while adding flair to almost any outfit. If you really want to step it up, you can get the Puffer Hug with an embroidered monogram.

6. Nokia XR20


Price: $499.00
Where To Find:

Nokia emerged as one of the early mobile phone giants and is now staking its claim in the smartphone game. If you’ve got a dad in your life that has a chronic case of butterfingers, the rugged, ultra-premium Nokia XR20 is the phone to snag. With a reasonable price, the clean Android One OS, and at a hefty size, the XR20 promises guaranteed operating system upgrades until 2025 and security patches until 2026. Basically, this is a solid, long-term investment. 

7. XuperMask


Price: From $299.00
Where To Find:

Created by the minds of, and award-winning costume designer Jose I. Fernandez, the XuperMask is an innovative concept established during the rise of the pandemic and refined for both style and function since its launch. Boasting HEPA filters to keep out all kinds of nasties, attached noise-canceling earbuds, and LED lights, this is for the dad that’s all about technology. 

8. Tonic Vibes

Source:Tonic Vibes.

Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Rest, recharge, reset, and relax. That probably covers what most dads want to do on Father’s Day. Tonic Vibes, a woman-owned wellness brand, has you covered with an array of tonics, skincare products, and vape pens too filled with non-psychoactive but highly therapeutic CBD.  

9. Vincero Collective

Source:Vincero Collective

Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Timepieces are a classic Father’s Day gift and a useful one at that. Not only does a good watch set off an entire outfit, but it also displays that this is a person who is about keeping up with the times — Literally and otherwise. Vincero Collective isn’t just for men as the brand offers watches for women too.

10. Susan’s Own

Source:Susan's Own

Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Colorado is known for its high quality hemp and Blazy Susan is an innovator in the CBD space. The brand now offers Susan’s Own, an array of CBD products including flavored and unflavored tinctures, bath bombs, and more. As fans of CBD over here at HHW and our brother site CASSIUS, we’re excited to see what Susan’s Own does next.

11. Quest 2

Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Meta changed the game with the Quest 2, the leading VR headset available today. While gaming is a part of the Quest 2’s appeal, what it really can give the dad in your life is motivation to connect with others in the Metaverse, pick up a fitness routine, and check out live sporting and music events with other Quest 2 users, plus so much more.


Source:Private Label

Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

If the dad in your life is always on the go, he’s certainly heavy in the bag game. Enter PRIVATE LABEL, a brand that offers backpacks, duffle bags, gym bags, and much more. If pops is a sneakerhead, there are both duffle bags and backpacks that can transport those precious kicks,  along with waist and sling bags too.

13. Ray-Ban Stories

Price: $299.00
Where To Find:

We’re slowly approaching the zenith of wearable technology, and Meta continues to be a leader in this space. Partnering with luxury eyewear brand Ray-Ban, the new Ray-Ban Stories combines fun with functionality with the eyeglasses and sunglasses equipped with a camera to capture video, audio outputs to play tunes, and send messages via Messenger. Powered by the Facebook View app, the media captured on the Ray-Ban Stories can be edited to dad’s delight.

14. Brrrn


Price: Varies By Selection
Where To Find:

Slide boards are one of the many recent innovations in the home workout space, and few are doing it at the level of Brrrn. Encouraging lateral movement designed to provide an intense but approachable workout experience, the Brrrn board is perfect for the dads out there trying to keep fit.