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Fans Are Dragging French Montana For Spoiling 'Power'

Source: Steven Ferdman / Getty

Beefing about money and “used Bugattis” is one thing, leaking the most shocking moment of Power, and trying as a way to get at 50 Cent is another. That’s exactly what French Montana did, and he is learning that was a big mistake.

French thought he was delivering a massive blow to 50 Cent by leaking the jaw-dropping moment from last night’s (Jan.5) episode he quickly found out he was only playing himself in the process. Montana learned one thing you don’t mess with is the hit Starz drama. Even 50 Cent, who serves as an executive producer on the show, found out the hard way how important the show is when he enlisted Trey Songz for a remix of “Big Rich Town” nobody asked for.

French’s latest move in “clapping back” at 50 Cent is a part of a weeks-long battle the two rappers have been engaging in on Instagram. Both French and 50 have been questioning each other’s hood card, and this all stemmed from French showing off his $1.5 million “Nipsey Blue” Veyron Bugatti Veyron 50 Cent alleges had seen many owners before Montana woke up in it.

Well, French is getting a well-deserved dragging on social media cause only Power fans can spoil the show for each other. He also just gave Curtis more ammo cause he just proved he watches the show. You can peep all the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Steven Ferdman / Getty