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Donald Trump has enjoyed all of the fanfare and support from conservative media that’s come his way since ascending to the presidency, but now his faux empire is crumbling. Geraldo Rivera, one of Trump’s many lapdogs, is standing with at least one prominent GOP member in calling for the former business mogul’s impeachment and removal from elected office.

By way of a Tuesday night (Jan. 11) tweet, Rivera wrote, “A loyal friend, hounded without mercy by Democrats intent on destroying him from Day 1. Then he lost the election. It made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see. He then unleashed a mob to make war on their own government. 5 to their doom. @LizCheneyis right.”

Based on Rivera’s tweet, it’s clear that he’s delusional or truly believes that the Democratic Party had it out for Trump but as par for the course for his supporters, shifting the blame to the other side is far easier than accepting it. The so-called insurrection in Washington wasn’t the doing of Democrats or liberals, it was the result of fires stoked by Trump and his lackeys.

Rivera is getting rightfully criticized via social media for his callow, thin support of Rep. Cheney and others who are seeking impeachment of the outgoing president. Trump could have salvaged his legacy by actually fighting for all Americans in the waning days of his presidency.

Instead, he defiantly stoked the fires of a band of conspiracy theorists disguised as patriots who were hellbent on destroying the very symbol of truth, justice, and democracy, defying their own stances as people who love this nation.

Rivera, and others like him who support Trump, are part of the problem and as evidenced by the responses below, those of his ilk will never live it down.

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