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Jamie Foxx Impersonates Donald Trump, Twitter Is Amazed

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Is there anyone Jamie Foxx can’t impersonate to perfection? That was the question many people were asking after he smoked an impersonation of Cheetoh Mussolini, aka Donald Trump.

It’s no secret just how talented Jamie Foxx is. The actor/musician/host reminded us just how good he is at impersonating people during a recent episode of the Rap Radar Podcast with Elliott Wilson and B.Dot.

While promoting his new Netflix movie Day Shift, which also stars Snoop Dogg, the former disgraced president’s name came up when the hosts asked Snoop about reconnecting with Michael “Harry-O” Harris, a businessman who helped fund Death Row Records after Trump pardoned him in 2021.

Harris was given a get-out-of-jail-free card after serving 30 years in prison for drug trafficking and attempted murder.

When Snoop mentions Trump’s pardon of Harris, Foxx decided to break out his impersonation of the former president, and it’s pretty damn good.

“There’s a lot of great people on both sides,” Foxx said, making fun of Trump’s dumb logic when talking about the racist incident in Charlottesville.

“Lots of great people on both sides. Harry-O, he’s a great person. He couldn’t vote for me at the time now. He can vote for me once he gets out,” Foxx continued.

Foxx’s Trump moment allowed Twitter users to remind folks about his Oscar-winning performance in 2004’s Ray, where he accurately portrayed late iconic musician Ray Charles.

Jamie Foxx Is The Impersonation King

Foxx’s skills are so good that he actually sang Charle’s classic records in the movie, which caught the ear of Trump’s homie Kanye West. The Chicago rapper used Foxx’s version of “Gold Digger” as a sample in his single featured on his sophomore album Late Registration.

Of course, Twitter has also been praising Foxx after the clip went viral. You can peep the reactions below.

Photo: Tiffany Rose / Getty

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