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Senator Kamala Harris

Source: The Breakfast Club / Youtube

Sen. Kamala Harris made a return to The Breakfast Club as she continues to beat the presidential campaign trail in hopes of becoming the Democratic Party’s candidate for all the marbles in 2020. In the chat, the junior U.S. Senator makes another bid in showing she has what it takes to knock President Donald Trump out the White House and also laying out some important policies for voters to consider.

Sen. Harris came to the show back in February with the California politician waxing on subjects such as legalizing marijuana, smoking pot in college, and being a 2Pac fan among other more pertinent issues. This time, Harris was greeted by the full team as Angela Yee was absent in the last chat, and she gamely took on the Club’s tough questions with the skill of a person ready to run the country.

With some debates under her belt and poll numbers showing that she’s at the top of the list alongside frontrunner Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, Harris is surging at the right time and her campaign talking points sound sharper than ever.

Check out 7 things we learned from Sen. Kamala Harris on The Breakfast Club below.

Photo: YouTube

1. Ready To Take On President Trump

In the opening segment, Charlamagne Tha God asked Sen. Harris if she has what it takes to knock President Donald Trump out of the White House. Harris reminded the room that she’s taken on oil companies and banks and other predatory businesses in her quest for justice as a prosecutor, naming Trump as a predator himself.

2. Harris Talks Tough On Trump’s Border Policy

Cheeto Chump recently blasted critics of him caging families at the border looking to escape the horrors of their country, which Sen. Harris called an immoral act. And while President Barack Obama had a record of deporting immigrants, Harris reminded everyone that the former administration’s policy was far more humane than the current one.

3. Comrade Trump Might Get Help From Russia Again, Harris We Can’t Get Played

Sen. Harris is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which confirmed Trump had help from Russia, even if it’s been hard to pin his connection to a known enemy of the state. Harris shared with the Club that as bad as it was in 2016, it could be worse in 2020. She also added that Russian interference used racial divide to split the vote, and given the way the country is moving now, it could sow those same seeds again. In her words, you have to know when you’re getting played.

4. Climate Control Needs To Be Taken Seriously

President Trump and many on the Right believe that climate control is a non-issue, but the evidence points in another direction. DJ Envy told Sen. Harris about his 6-year-old daughter talking about the environment, most specifically the danger of plastic straws. Harris calls it the “climate crisis” and how as president, she’s going to revive the Paris Agreements. She also said listen to the babies, and that’s real.

5. The Economy Needs To Benefit All, Not Just Trump’s Rich Buddies

Sen. Harris blasts Trump’s boasting of the quality of the economy, but it seems to only benefit those with means already. Harris reminded listeners that the working poor has to work two to three jobs just to make ends meet. Yes, numbers can point to a stronger economy and lower unemployment, but the numbers for people of color aren’t so high and she proposes to change that perception as president.

6. Race And The Wage Gap

Sen. Harris mentioned that the wage disparities between white, Black and Latino families in America are staggering. She mentions that for the middle-class, homeownership is how one gains their largest asset but the opportunities for people of color are far slimmer. Going back to the ’40s, Black folks were frozen out of buying homes and that legacy lives on during the foreclosure crisis among all people of color. Harris aims to close that gap if she gets to the White House. Under her policy, she will introduce home loans that will benefit communities that are most impacted.

7. Taking Down Joe Biden

As it stands, the favorite in the Democratic Party race has been former Vice President Joe Biden, with some thinking he’s coasting due to the Obama connection. In their faceoff in the recent debates, Sen. Harris mopped ol’ boy up on the issue of busing and cleared up chatter that they shared the same views on the policy.