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Dylan Mulvaney was in the world minding her business and celebrating an epic moment with Bud Light after the beer brand commemorated her 365 days of womanhood via her face on a can of the brew. Major league MAGA loser and former struggle rapper Kid Rock made a corny and spineless threat towards Mulvaney and Bud Light after shooting up a case of the beer with a semiautomatic rifle.

Before we get into the fake tough guy antics of Kid Rock, let’s center Dylan Mulvaney properly. Mulvaney is a TikTok star with millions of followers and rose to fame by way of her “365 Days To Girlhood” series on the social media network to the tune of over 10 million followers.

Taking notice of this, the great minds at Anheuser-Busch decided to gift Mulvaney some cans with her face on them, and she couldn’t have been happier as evidenced by the video below.

The backlash Mulvaney is enduring at the moment has been relentless, but something she’s certainly used to dealing with since everyone doesn’t know how to stay in their respective lanes like adults. Kid Rock joined the Goof Troop himself by uploading a video of him using some high-powered rifle to shoot up a case of brews and giving the finger to Bud Light and its parent company in the process.

Kid Rock looks like a gigantic fool by sharing this video and right on cue, the MAGA asshats who love this kind of empty rhetoric toward the LGBTQ community are supporting him. That said, plenty of people on Twitter are letting Kid Rock know that he has bigger things to worry about than Dylan Mulvaney living her life on her terms.

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Photo: Mike Ehrmann / Getty