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Kayla B vs Cuban Doll

Source: @BeezyyTatted / Twitter

King Von’s sister Kayla B and Cuban Doll have been going back and forth online for a while, but it seems that the digital beef has spilled over into real life after the two reportedly linked up to duke it out.

On Wednesday (Jan 13), the now viral video of the altercation was released on Twitter after the two had been going back and forth on the site hurling insults at each other for hours, prompting Kayla to ask the “Karma Life” rapper to “drop her location” to settle things once and for all.


After continued trolling by fans of King Von, a location was set and the women let their fists fly with the altercation being recorded and eventually posted online including a second video by Kayla with the caption, “It’s the uppercuts for me was throwing her ass around.”

While no one know what actually started the beef between the two, many point out that the issues between the two had been brewing for a while after Kayla claimed that King Von told her Cuban Doll tried to sleep with him. Following the brawl, Cuban Doll hopped on Instagram Live to deny that she’d lost the fight while Kayla was back on Twitter retweeting followers who praised her for fighting the rapper.

While the ladies have had plenty to say, it was Black Twitter’s jokes that once again took over with fans and onlookers chiming in on the lackluster fight that has kept us throughly entertained.

Despite the two crowning themselves the winner, it appears that the online back and forth has ceased—at least for now.

Check out what Black Twitter had to say below.