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Kohl's Is Canceling PS5 Orders, Gamers Are BIG MAD

Source: Sony / PlayStation

Another day, another PS5 jig. Many gamers thought they secured their PS5 consoles through Kohl’s, but unfortunately, they are learning that is not going to be the case.

If Kohl’s selling the PlayStation 5 sounded to be good to be true, that’s because it was. Since it dropped, gamers have been on a mission to score either version of Sony’s next-gen console before the holidays, only to come up short. But a glimmer of hope came about in the wee hours of Sunday night when the retail, who is not known for selling video game consoles, happened to have the PS5 available on its website.

Kohl’s was pushing a bundle that featured Spider-Man: Miles Morales and an extra DualSense controller for only $639.99. Now, if you search online, you’re paying anywhere from up to $800-$1,000 for just the PS5 console, so that was a steal. To make the deal even sweeter by throwing in $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spent through November 27. If you do the math, that would be $180 in Kohl’s Cash you could have used on some drip between November 28 and December 9.

From the start, gamers were immediately skeptical but figured they would take the chance on the deal because it has been insanely hard to purchase a PS5 console. Once word spread of the PS5 bundle deal, Kohls received thousands of preorders it knew it definitely would not have been able to honor. Despite knowing that, the retail chain continued to take orders, just giving these poor gamers false hope. Their dreams of next-gen gaming were quickly dismissed when Kohl’s went on a canceling order spree, which began last night going on well into Monday (Nov.23).

There is some silver lining in this jig. Kohl’s is honoring the $180 in Kohl’s cash shoppers got when they preordered the PS5 bundle as its way of saying we messed up pretty bad here.

Damn, we hate to see it. We want everyone to get a PS5 console or an Xbox Series X (peep our review). We highly recommend you follow @PS5Stockalerts and turn on those notifications. Personally speaking, I was able to score a PS5 All-Digital version from Best Buy, who also dropped consoles early Sunday morning in an attempt to beat scalpers.

You can peep more reactions to Kohl’s canceling PS5 orders in the gallery below.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation

1. Damn.

2. Get you some new drip king.

3. It was worth a shot.

4. Hate to see it.

5. L O L

6. Delaying the inevitable.



9. A win nonetheless