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Lily Almost Gets Her Wigged Snatched By Junior's Girl On #BlackInkChi

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Last week, Ryan confronted Van for this struggle tattoos that resulted in the shop being sued and landed another person in the hospital. This week the crew prep for another tattoo convention, this time in Chicago and yes it went precisely as you thought more drama.

Ryan is a hard working business owner, he is exhausted, and who can blame him, he has to run not one but two shops and at the same time have to deal with some ratchet employees. On top of that, he is busy prepping for the tattoo convention coming up in his hometown with only adds to his exhaustion, but he is all about his money and knows the work doesn’t stop. With that said Ryan has to pick and the artist he wants to rep the 9Mag brand he goes with Phor and Van despite his ass getting sued for his terrible work, but they are more confident about this convention this go-around because Charmaine is not in charge of putting it together.

Speaking of Charmaine, it’s her birthday, and even though she no longer works for 9Mag, she still is family, and the crew comes together to celebrate. Ryan salutes her for stepping away and understands she needed a break when he asked her if she was coming back to the shop, Charmaine quickly shut that down with an emphatic nah. But she expresses she still lovers her 9Mag bros.

Back at the shop, Bella, Lily, and Slam catch up. During their conversation, Bella reveals that she has been struggling as a single mother. Her daughter’s father has been non-existent and mentions she wants to take him to court for child support, as she should. The situation is clearly taking its toll on her, and she breaks down in tears talking about it, and who can blame her when you been trying your best to raise a child on your own for 2 years with no help from your baby daddy financially you will eventually break down.

Fast forward, Bella reveals that she managed to get in contact with her daughter’s dad, and he agreed to come to see her. While waiting for him at the shop, she is quickly disappointed to learn that he flaked on his child and instead sends his sister to meet Bella and the child. Bella, even though disappointed, is happy to see her daughters aunt, but now she knows she needs to take his sorry ass to court to get those coins.

It’s convention time, and it turns out to be sort of a reunion. Lily, who wasn’t invited to join the 9Mag crew, decided to show and open up her own booth alongside Reese. Now to refresh your memory, Reese accused Junior — who also conveniently showed up at this tattoo convention  — of hitting her in a previous season, video evidence later cleared him any wrongdoing. Another former 9Mag employee, Cobra who is also at the convention working also claimed she saw Junior put hands on Reese and despite seeing the footage double-downed on her accusation claiming it was doctored. So you can already sense where the energy is going, Van doesn’t make the situation any better when he tells his former co-worker that both of his accusers are there.

Both Junior and his girlfriend are walking around the convention drunk out of their minds, so they are both already on ten. Junior confronts Cobra and the two step outside to have a conversation about the incident. Again Cobra doesn’t apologize and seemingly sticks to her claims that Reese was a victim and Junior doesn’t deserve an apology. The inebriated tattoo artist heard enough and ends the “heart to heart” and heads back inside.

Now, this is where things get spicy, Junior tells his girlfriend what happened, she already doesn’t like Lily after the incident between the two last season. Despite Junior telling her not to approach his former employee, she does so anyway, and an argument breaks out. At first words and drinks were being thrown back and forth before security can get between the both of them.

Things seem to calm down, but somehow security allows Junior’s girlfriend to get close enough to Lily and she grabs her hair and yanks her ponytail. Despite her getting sneaked up on, Lily manages to hold her own. A brawl ensues with Ryan and watching in disappointment and working at the same time. He knows even though Lily and Junior are not there repping the 9Mag, he is somehow gonna be connected to the mess and he is absolutely right. He packs up his gear and bounces understandably upset with what transpired.

Welp, as you can imagine the ratchet shenanigans that went down at the convention plus the Apryl Jones shooting her shot at Ryan on next week’s episode already have #BlackInkChi fans talking. You can peep all the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz