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Last week a lot happened in the two-hour season premiere of Love & Hip Hop: New York with the return of OG cast member Chrissy Lampkin. This week the drama continues, plus we finally meet this season’s new additions Phresher and Jennaske.

The episode opens up with Chrissy, Kimbella, and Juju hopping on a private jet to attend a Lady Millionaires Group meeting. During the flight, Kimbella, who all of a sudden is Chrissy’s best friend despite getting dragged across a room by Lampkin, decides to snitch on Yandy. Kimbella tells Chrissy how she brought up the foreclosure of her New Jersey home reading the Bossip story that caught traction on the web. Chrissy is visibly annoyed and says that Yandy still hasn’t changed since she fired her many moons ago.

We catch up with Papoose, and he’s at Hot 97 with Phresher, the two kick a freestyle for DJ Drewski. Phresher reveals during his introduction, that he became friends with Pap and Remy Ma after she hopped on the remix for his track “Wait a Minute.”

Erica and Tahiry link following Mena’s disastrous meeting with a lawyer last episode where she blindsided Safaree stating she wanted a prenuptial agreement. After seeing her future husband get so upset, Erica is now having second thoughts about having her fianceé sign a prenup.

Chrissy and co finally arrive at the Lady Millionaires Group meeting, and she is ready to open up about what happened to her home. The room is full of Black women giving Chrissy a look of concern, being that they now know what is going on in her life with the foreclosure of her home. While explaining to the room that she let Jim Jones handle all of the business cause it was all in his name, she breaks down. Chrissy also revealed that she has been living apart from Jimmy and staying in Miami. After listening to her, the investors come to an understanding and are willing to still give her their money.

Now its time for Safaree to tell his side of the story. He links up Papoose, who seems to be playing counselor for the problematic men on this show. Papoose explains to Safaree he believes he should sign the prenup to help build Erica’s trust in him.

Papoose uses his experience with Remy and understands that the past behavior these women had to deal with is the reason trust is such an issue with them.

The scene changes to a photoshoot the other new face on this season of #LHHNY, Jennaske. Jonathan is on hand because he did the young up and coming rapper’s makeup for the “shoot.” Jonathan is very impressed with Jennaske and feels she possesses the potential to make it in the rap game. So he decides to invite Rich Dollaz to meet the former backup dancer turned rapper. When Rich arrives, she kicks a quick “freestyle” that impresses the Love & Hip Hop regular.

She reveals that she also knows Phresher and how he wants to pay for her plastic surgery and put her in an apartment. In the end, she just wants to work with someone professional but also notes she knows Rich’s history when it comes to the artists he has worked with.

Following her meeting, Chrissy FaceTime’s Jimmy to explain to him how it went and how she managed to smooth things over with the investors. Jimmy doesn’t seem to be taking what Chrissy is telling him seriously, and she quickly ends the call, obviously annoyed at his response.

Yandy and Jonathon meet up, and they discuss Kimbella and feel that she is going to report back to her new friend Chrissy about what Yandy said. Of course, they are both right but have no idea that it has already happened. Yandy has no interest in making things better between herself and Chrissy. Jonathan, on the other hand, is worried that his friendship with Chrissy will come to an end because of the situation.

Safaree and Erica link up to discuss following their separate discussions on the prenup matter. Safaree mans up to Erica and admits that he didn’t handle situations as best he could, giving her reason not to trust him. He tells her he is willing to sign the prenup now to make her happy. Erica surprises him when she says she doesn’t want him to do it anymore and that she trusts him.

Phresher and Jennaske meet up for dinner to have a discussion about her “career.” He thinks to have a successful rap career, she needs surgery because he believes that’s what people want to see from female rappers. Basically, some headass logic on his part. Jennaske fires back, stating that she doesn’t need to enhance her body, and she wants to win on her talent alone. She then reveals she met with Rich Dollaz and invited him to her music showcase and that Phresher should come as well. This revelation definitely ruffles Phresher’s feathers, Jennaske knows she is going to have to choose between them, she really should think about not working with either of them honestly.

We finally arrive at the launch party of Jonathon’s new fragrance. He has invited all of the girls, including Chrissy, despite knowing the possibility of drama happening when she arrives. Before she walks into the building, Jonathon, Yandy, Cyn, and Kimbella have a discussion. Kimbella still feels that Yandy was shady while reading the story while Cyn, Jonathon, and Yandy disagree with her. While they are arguing, Chrissy just happens to walk in at that exact moment.

Kimbella tells Chrissy that Yandy was acting shady. Yandy refutes that, Chrissy, of course, can’t stand Yandy and threatens to get physical with her. We will have to wait till next week to see how this will all play out. For now, you can hit the gallery below to see reactions from the episode.

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