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'Love & Hip Hop: New York' Returns With 2-Hour Season Premiere

Source: VH1

For season 10 of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Mona Scott-Young decided to bring back some OG’s and kick all of those unwanted newcomers to curb to restore the feeling the show brought in its inaugural season. It looks like she was absolutely right to do so because the 2-hour season premiere put us on a collision course with tons of drama expeditiously.

Chrissy Lampkin is back in town and, she is looking to repair the image she left with after dragging or, as Kimbella described it during the episode, “blindsided her” for being messy at the time. Lampkin also tries to squash her ancient beef with now Yandy Smith-Harris, who used to be her forever fiancé, Jim Jones’ manager. The conversation with Yandy goes nowhere quickly with Smith after she shuts down Chrissy for suggesting that she bring the “old Yandy back.”

BUT Chrissy does find a way to bury the hatchet with Kimbella, and the two found some common ground in the fact that they both hate Yandy. Kimbella still can’t stand Yandy even after the two bonded over the fact they both have husbands in jail. Kimbella now has a partner in crime to take Yandy on seemingly hinting that these two will both be a thorn in Yandy’s side. Yandy gets a glimpse of Kimbella’s new energy during a meetup when Smith reads a Bossip story that detailed Chrissy and Jim Jones losing their house to foreclosure. Kimbella calls Yandy messy for reading the story that Cyn pointed out existed. Make it, make sense, please. Kimbella is back to her old theatrics and has a new battery in her back now that Chrissy has teamed up with her.

Speaking of that situation, Chrissy was seemingly blindsided by the news that Jimmy dropped the ball with the mansion she hasn’t lived in for years. He blamed the fact that he didn’t have no one to help handle the financial side of things, basically what Yandy was doing and what Chrissy hates her for. To make matters worse, Chrissy started this all-women investment group called the “Lady Millionaires Club.” The premise of the group is that they put their money together and buy property to flip it. Ironically it’s not a good look that Chrissy is out handing out business advice and buying homes, but at the same damn time, she letting a mansion be seized under her watch and being sold reportedly for only $100.

Lampkin later meets up with her business partner Greg “Big Bizness” Parker, a real estate investor, who bought into Lampkins’s idea. He tells her to get her ish together and fix the situation, or she is going to wind up owing him a lot of money. Lampkin, after getting threatened by Parker, lights a fire under Jim, wishing she could slap him through the phone. He is currently in Los Angeles and is strangely calm for someone whos crib just got taken away from them.

Moving on, we catch up with one Joe Budden, who is now single and trying to co-parent with the ex-fianceé, Cyn Santana. Santana decided she had enough with the rapper/podcaster after she went through his phone and saw something she didn’t like. Done with Joe’s cheating ways, she packed her stuff and took their adorable son and moved out of the home the former couple shared together while he was on tour.

All of this information comes out during a conversation between the two that goes south when Joe, while sitting Indian-style in his very monotone voice, calmly denies that he cheated and spins the situation to Cyn’s disliking. She storms off, putting it out there that their relationship messed up beyond repair at this point.

To make matters worse for the couple, Joe’s ex, the lovely and still ridiculously thick Tahiry Jose is back in town. Now she is still over the “Pump It Up” rapper and doesn’t really see a path to a relationship with him again, but Erica Mena, for whatever reason, is on a mission to somehow hook them back up. This shall get messy once Cyn finds out what is going on cause the young firecracker likes to get spicy.

We already know what kind of energy Joe is on because, during a conversation between himself, Rich Dollaz, and Papoose, the leader of the “Black Love” movement tried to put him on the right path. Of course, the advice went in one ear and out the other with Joe sticking to his old ways.

Speaking of Erica Mena, she now has a gut full of the pop-locking, sex toy making reality star, Safaree Samuels’ man juice. We quickly learn the couple is working on getting everything for their VH1-funded wedding in order, which is going down in three weeks. Good luck with that. The couple is delighted t tie the knot. Before that happens, some issues still looming are going to have to deal with before they say I do. The big elephant in the room is Erica’s exes, Rich Dollaz and Cyn Santana being around. Safaree isn’t going to have to worry about his Cyn trying to make a play for his soon-to-wife, Mena is gonna have to worry about Cyn checking her for trying to hook Joe back up with Tahiry which will cause friction between Joe’s exes.

Safaree, on the other hand, will have to address Rich Dollaz due to the highly-publicized relationship he used to have with Mena. If you remember Safaree and Rich almost came to blows over Samuels secretly dealing with Mena. Rich Dollaz decides its time to move on bury the hatchet apologizing to both Safaree and Erica at Remy Ma’s off of parole party. Safaree accepted Rich’s gracious move, but Erica Mena could care less about the olive branch Dollaz extended.

Also, when Tahiry suggests Erica consider getting a prenuptial agreement and she brings up to the lawyer, Safaree is not happy that she went there without consulting with him first.

Last but not least, we catch up the Remy Ma and Papoose, who is still going strong and extremely happy. Remy is very stressed, though, as she is trying to juggle being a new mother again with her heavy workload. Remy is feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated while Papoose really isn’t helping, which is strange on his part, being that he was the one pushing for Remy to have a kid. The couple has a rare argument about the situation, but it doesn’t get too heated. Looks like Remy wanting to get back on top of the rap game, while co-hosting a show and being a mom will be the biggest test the married couple has faced since her release from prison.

This was only the first two episodes, we still haven’t met the other cast members. LHHNY OG Olivia Longott, who still has issues to fix with her former manager Rich Dollaz returns next week. Newcomers to the reality tv franchise, Phresher, and Jennaske, arrive as well. You can peep all of the reactions to the 2-hour season premiere below.

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