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Gamers Are Not Impressed With 'Madden 21's' New Gameplay Trailer

Source: EA / Madden 21

We already accidentally learned Lamar Jackson was going to be the cover athlete for Madden 21 now, it’s time to see the game in action.


Lil Wayne helped reveal Lamar Jackson’s Madden 21 cover.

Ahead of EA Play Live and the game’s cover reveal, the official gameplay trailer for Madden 21 arrived. Both the cover and gameplay trailer was supposed to be shown on June 1, but due to the death of George Floyd, EA correctly decided to delay it.

The trailer shows off some of the new gameplay mechanics coming to Madden 21 most importantly the new all-out control system that includes:

  • Skill Stick ball-carrier system
  • Fresh pass rush moves
  • More open-field realism with tackle improvements
  • User-controlled celebrations.

Combine that with the montage of on the field moves we are used to seeing our favorite NFL players do, and you got yourself the typical Madden trailer.

The trailer arrived alongside EA teasing Madden 21’s cover release, which will be fully unveiled Tuesday (Jun.16) at 10:00 am EST.

While we’re still wondering what it even looks like, Jackson’s Ravens teammates got to peep it and shared their reactions to it in a video shared by The Checkdown, and they all loved what they saw.

As for the fans of the famed NFL video game franchise, they were not that impressed with what they saw in the trailer, basically saying it looks the same.

Honestly, this has become a broken record, every year people complain Madden is dropping the same game every year and they do have a point but when you don’t have any real competition like an NFL 2K to make you step your game up what do you expect?

In the same breath, those same folks complaining pony up the money for the game every year. But we understand, they have no other options. We will update this story when the cover drops, but until then, you can peep the reactions to Madden 21’s gameplay reveal trailer below.

Photo: EA/Madden 21