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Meek Mill is back sharing unwarranted opinions about what women should and shouldn’t be doing with their bodies.

After igniting the discussion about how Black women should wear their hair two years ago when he complained about lace fronts and wigs, Meek hopped back up on his soap box to tell the world something else he was tired of seeing—twerking.

On Thursday (Feb. 27), Meek Mill took to Twitter to randomly share his thoughts on women twerking and why he’s tired of seeing it on his social media timeline.

Twerking is like a guy with big stacks of money hanging out his pocket so everybody can see lol I tired of seeing all that shit lol Y’all burnt twerking out.”

While no one asked for his opinion, Black Twitter quickly gathered the “Dreams ad Nightmare” rapper, educating him not only or the origin of twerking, which is a part of African tradition, but also gave him a reminder of time he was once the man flashing cash that he was condemning.

But it wasn’t just fans who called out Meek Mill for his ignorant statement, Megan Thee Stallion also chimed in on the discussion taking to Twitter seemingly calling Meek Mill a “pick me.”

”I hate a “pick me” ass n*gga sick of these fake woke ass men,” Meg wrote.

For those who needed further clarification on what she meant, the “Realer” rapper explained what she meant by the term “pick me” and why men like Meek Mill need to keep his opinion on what women should or shouldn’t be doing to themselves.

“I’m using “Pick me” as when you just saying shit that you believe will get you a pat on the back/ acceptance from other people,” Meg continued.

Megan Thee Stallion’s stance on the subject shouldn’t come as a surprise. During her interview with Rolling Stone, the H-Town hottie spoke about being a free spirited woman in a male dominated industry and why she doesn’t take well to men trying to control her.

”Sometimes guys be trying to be too controlling,” Meg said. “I’m like, ‘No. I’m still gon’ shake this ass. I’m gon’ shake this ass every night at my shows. I’m gon’ shake this ass with my friends, with my fans.”

Check out some of the hilarious responses to Meek Mill’s tweet below.