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Nardo Wick Who Want Smoke Remix Screencap

Source: Screencap / Youtube

Nardo Wick already had one of the top heaters of 2021 with his sinister “Who Want Smoke?” single that landed the 20-year-old rapper on the map. Now, the Jacksonville, Fla. native enlisted the services of 21 Savage, G Herbo, and Lil Durk for the remix for the single, and Twitter has launched into a serious debate.

Nardo Wick is still prepping his presumably soon-to-come debut album and if it’s any indication, the remix to “Who Want Smoke?” featuring EMKAY’s blistering production sounds like the project will deliver.

For the remix, Nardo opens up on the first verse and then makes way for Lil Durk after the infectious hook passes by.

Here is a portion of Lil Durk’s verse:

They be on my page like, “Slide for Von,” I know they trollin’ me
Outside with your big homie be on, I keep them folks with me
Got it back in blood, y’all just don’t know, that’s how it ‘posed to be
Call him for a feature just to kill him ’cause we know he sweet
Uh, uh-uh-uh-uh, who the f*ck is that?
Bro gon’ check the door, look out the window, don’t forget the strap
I be on they ass, when I see opps, I do forget I rap
I be on this shit wherever I’m at, I learned that from the ‘Raq

To be completely fair, 21 Savage’s verse is strong as much of his features are, but it goes without saying that Herbo and Durk are the talk of the moment.

Here is a portion of G Herbo’s verse:

I be with real killers, I’m a rappin’ street n*gga
Copy, paste, delete n*ggas
Can’t wait ’til we see n*ggas
Who want smoke? It’s free
All the oppers sweet, Swishers
Hop out middle of the street, hit him
Soon as he fall off his feet, kill him
Been out all week, seen three R.I.P. pictures
All my shooters, all eat
You can tell that we richer
Pull up ballin’, swish, been on all the hits
Now I’m all legit (All legit), shout out Nardo Wick, b*tch

Check out Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke” remix along with the video below and you be the judge. Keep scrolling to see reactions.



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