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Yesterday Sony got us all hyped when it announced it would be holding a livestream event that would be a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture. After an hour presentation, gamers feel like they have been hoodwinked by the company.

So what did we learn about the PS5 today? Not much if you go by the tone of gamers on Twitter. The presentation conducted by System lead architect Mark Cerny basically broke down:

  • The technical specifications of PlayStation 5 and its innovative ‘boost’ approach to core clocks;
  • The features of the PlayStation 5 GPU;
  • How the SSD helps deliver the next-generation dream;
  • How Sony tackles expandable storage;
  • Unprecedented 3D audio fidelity via the Tempest 3D Audio Engine.

We’re not going to repeat what already was announced you can head here for that information. While some signification information about the new console was revealed, gamers walked away from today’s livestream extremely disappointed. Mainly because they were hoping to actually see what the PS5 looks like. Highly due to the fact, Microsoft has already revealed the Xbox Series X to the world.

Its apparent Sony is taking its sweet time and will reveal the PS5 when the company is good and ready too. But they can’t be mad at gamers who are growing impatient with them, especially after today’s insanely weird presentation that will probably go down in video game lore due to many head-scratching decisions. For example, we know everyone is practicing social distancing, but why did they have Cenry taking in front of fake shadow attendees?

The PS5 is still on track for Holiday 2020 release despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to GamesRadar. When that day happens, we’re gonna look back at this rollout because it’s looking really suspect right now. At this point, the PS5 better blow us away instantly to make us forget about this.

You can peep all of the reactions to the PS5 livestream below.

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