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Gamers are already frustrated that they have been failing miserably trying to cop a PS5, now reports of Sony working on a “PS5 Pro” model has the side-eyeing the company.

According to reports, back in 2019, before the official announcement of the PS5, Sony filed a patent for a new console. According to the patent, Sony would be taking a page out of PC gamer’s books by stuffing this rumored new console with two GPUs. The use of double cards means double the graphical power of the console.

Per SVG:

“According to the patent, the dual-GPU console would work as a one-two punch. One graphics card renders part of the graphics, and the second picks up from where the first card left off to complete the image. Using two graphics cards in tandem like this is a common practice among hardcore PC gamers, as it provides benefits such as increased resolutions and framerates. The PS5 touts graphical advantages such as 4K gaming at 120fps, but in reality, this is a pipe dream for all but eight titles so far. If Sony were to transform this dual-GPU console patent into a real “PS5 Pro” console, virtually every game could live up to that promise. The patent features don’t just end at giving games a graphical boost, though. The plans also include ideas to implement dedicated cloud gaming.”

Now take this with a grain of salt becuase companies filing patents is nothing new, and this could be Sony having proof of ideas and concepts. There were also patents filed for wireless controller chargers and a new VR headset.

The news of this “PS5 Pro” console isn’t really getting gamers excited. It’s actually doing the opposite becuase of the fact they are still trying to get their hands on either a PS5 or PS5 All-Digital console.

We totally understand their pain. You can peep more reactions to the idea that Sony is possibly dropping a “PS5 Pro” in the gallery below.

Photo: Sony / PlayStation 5

1. Fighting for the one PS5 Pro at GameStop

2. Looking at our PS5 we just bought like

3. LOL

4. Unbelievable

5. LOL Word

6. Y’all play too damn much


8. Howwwwling


10. The accuracy.