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Daniel Sims Black Confederate Supporter

Source: Twitter / WHNT

Dave Chappelle was clearly ahead of his time. One of the most famed characters from the comedian’s beloved Chappelle’s Show sketch comedy show was Clayton Bigsby, a blind White Supremacist who was unaware that he was himself actually a Black man. But a real-life Clayton Bigsby has been spotted in Alabama—with the additional caveat that he actually has his vision.

The original Clayton Bigsby skit called “Blind Supremacy” ran in the very first episode of Chappelle’s Show back in January 2003, and it was tragically hilarious.

Flash forward to 2020, and a Black man named Daniel Sims is seen defending Confederate flags and monuments. A clip of a news report from WHNT out of Huntsville, Alabama has been making the round of Sims, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, riding for the traitorous flag of the Confederacy, which wanted to maintain slavery and took an L in the Civil War.

Per WHNT, protesters and counter-protesters met in front of the Marshall County courthouse in dispute of Confederate symbols.

“Regardless of how the next person feel, I’m not going to take my flag down,” says Sims, who is seen wearing a Confederate flag-themed baseball hat as well as holding a Confederate flag, in the video. “If I got anything to do with it, ain’t no monument going to come down.”

Also, we didn’t mention Sims is also wearing a shirt with a Confederate flag its chest.

But things go from comical to tragic when the narrator reveals Sims was adopted when he was 3-years-old by a white family. Sims then details how he was brought up in a white neighborhood and went to all-white schools and how his white granddaddy (“My grandfather was white and he was the main one that fought in this war here and he’s taught me everything I know.”) And now here we are—a Black man defending a potent symbol of White Supremacy.

Naturally, Twitter is lobbing all the slander it can muster at this Sunken Place soldier despite his circumstances. Hey, at least the fictional Clayton Bigsby was blind to cover for his self-hate. So this is where we mention Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks.

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