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Last week Neek’s plan to propose to Charmaine in South Carolina was set in motion with the 9Mag crew in the building to witness the big moment. Last night Charmaine’s boyfriend put a ring on it, but everything doesn’t end on a happy note with the 9MAG crew in the season finale.

Charmaine is on cloud nine about the “secret proposal” that isn’t really a secret anymore. She pretty much knew Neek was ready to pop the question from the jump. While she is up and ready to hit the safari, everyone is still hungover from the previous night.

Everyone slowly gets dressed, and they head to the park to hang out with the animals and witness Neek take one big step forward to making Charmaine his wife. While she may know that her soon-to-be fiance is going to propose, she has no idea that her parents plus Neek’s mom is on hand to see the proposal as well.

We jump to the big moment, after a day of becoming one with nature, Neek seizes the moment and brings everyone out. Unlike the last time he got on bended knee, he is serious this time and FINALLY asks Charmaine to be his wife. It was a touching moment before everything hits the fan in this episode.

Now it’s time for the drama we tune in for every week *Birdman hand rub*. After the safari, the 9MAG crew heads to a boat to celebrate the occasion. Things start off great but quickly go south when Bella asks how much Charmaine’s ring was. Bella’s appearance in South Carolina was already questionable being that she wasn’t invited in the first place, and Charmaine is still not feeling after she dropped the Evenita rumor.

The drama spills over to a bar where but it’s Charmaine who keeps it going. She wants to put the rumor that she and Van had sex in Las Vegas to bed (no pun intended). The only thing she manages to do is put more doubt in the air because she really doesn’t make an excellent case for herself with her behavior.

We also learn from a producer on the show that Van initially told Don the rumor and then Don went and told production. So, in essence, Charmaine’s beef should be with Van and Don. Anyway, Ryan is silently taking in the drama, and little do they know this will help make a decision when it comes to the old 9MAG. Once back in Chicago, the tattoo shop owner sits down with Don, and he explains to him he is deciding to close down the shop because it’s not bringing nothing but drama. Don, of course, is taken back by the news but Ryan ensures him that both he and his brother Phor have a home at the new 9MAG. But, Ryan puts pressure on him to break the news to Charmaine that her services will no longer be needed.

Which now brings us the big climax of the season finale. Don and Ryan decide to break the big news about the old shop closing at Phor’s birthday party. So petty, so petty indeed. Don first breaks the news to Charmaine explaining to her that the position of celebrity concierge will no longer be needed. Charmaine didn’t want to hear the bad news from Don but from Ryan himself. He didn’t mince words about it either. He basically tells her she didn’t do anything while employed and no celebrities if any walked through those shop doors.

Things only get worse on Phor’s birthday when the rest of the old 9MAG crew learns of their fate. Bella is furious because the shop was her only source of income to help her support her daughter. While Ryan feels for her situation, he also points out that she did nothing while employed. Van surprisingly isn’t really taking the news as hard Charmaine and Bella and isn’t surprised Ryan came to this decision. The season ends on a sour note with folks livelihoods (except Don and Phor) in limbo. Ryan did reveal on Instagram that everyone is doing good despite what went down on the show, but that we will have to wait till see next season if that is indeed the case.

You can see all the reactions to some of the old 9MAG crew getting fired on their day off in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz